K K’s Priest Hymn 66 Single Review Napalm records

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Kenneth Keith Downing Jr from West Bromwich, West Midlands is best known as a former member of the heavy metal band Judas Priest. KK formed KK’s Priest in January of 2020 and set about bringing the best the music world had to offer with his thundering new outfit, the result was his debut album Sermons Of The Sinner which garnered praise from the music world far and wide. Fast Forward and today the boys from their highly anticipated follow The Sinner Rides Again and from that comes the growling beast that is Hymn 66, this slots in nicely as the boys are about to set off on a UK tour in support of this blistering new record. Please settle in as I bring you this epic new offering.

Hymn 66 – The track begins with epic almost hymn-like chanting as the deep shredding power riffs erupt from the outset as this fist-pumping rock beast makes itself known to us. The thundering rhythm section brings the heat with pounding double bass kicks that really let this arrangement open up and fly, the soaring vocals shatter the silence as we feel the intensity oozing from this growling beast as it changes pace and kicks in the doors and really brings the heat. The cool bassline is dropping sweet meaty funk grooves that just wrap themselves around this thundering monster, we have slick, clean shredding riffs that are marching in time with the colossal rhythm section that is delivering a pounding groove that just builds and builds as the boys really settle in and deliver a real foot stomping rock track that just leaves you wanting more from this super tight knit unit that is ready to blow our socks off.

KK’s Priest  –

                    Tim ‘ Ripper ‘ Owens  –  Vocals

                    KK Downing  –  Guitar

                    A J Mills  –  Guitar

                    Tony Newton  –  Bass

                    Sean Elg  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Hymn 66

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