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Review By Darren McIntyre

Photos by Fifth Sun Creations

Lyin Rampant are a heavy metal band who were originally set up by Girdle Toll man Stewartie Adams and Glasgow rocker Eddie Trainer, the boys brought us their epic debut LP Up & Cumin in 1988 to great reviews and were about to hit the road when their record label folded and as they say, that was that. The boys got together and decided to get the old gal up and running again and the result was a secret gig in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago the response was uplifting, to say the least, tonight the boys are at the Classic Grand to pump out the riffs and bring the noise. The place is packed and getting noisier by the minute as the boys hit the stage to rapturous applause from the swelling audience, the boys holler out and let rip as they flow into –

Crazee – A pounding bass drum kick fills the air as Davie gives it large from the back of the room as this heavy shredding beast kicks in the doors and kicks off this epic night of 80’s rock n roll. Stewart hits us with his solid melodic vocals filling the air as the crowd really gets into these boys as they tell us we are back, the cool deep bassline is driving this heavy rocker track onwards as we feel the foot-stomping monster crash right through the Classic Grand tonight. The track is really hitting the mark as the boys bring the heat to the centre of Glasgow tonight, we are getting the tone of this track from the get-go as the crowd punches the air with sheer joy as we welcome back the boys, we applaud loudly and as I am looking around I see the smiles on people’s faces and the mood is high, we roll into the awesome –

Breakdown – A slick clean guitar riff rolls from the stage as the boys ramp up the groove(see what I did there) as this fist-pumping rock n roll comes at us. The punchy rhythm section is giving us a real solid footing with snare drum beats that let this rasping track give us what we came for, NWOBHM at its finest as Stewartie brings the tone with a real stellar vocals attack that is holding well. Eddie is shredding loads and is hitting us with epic licks that are backed up by a colossal deep meaty bassline that is wrapping itself around this dark, moody piece that just catches your attention, we pause for a second as the guys catch their breathe before we hit out with –

Indoor Games – The track kicks off with a really deep heavy bass kick that is helped along the way with a cool snare drum beat that really gives this track depth. The guitar riffs are oozing from the stage as this track gathers pace and hits us with a cool bassline that wraps itself around this cool little track, the vocals are really strong and have plenty in the tank as we really feel the energy oozing from these 4 boys as they soak up the atmosphere that is swirling in the air as this short, sharp, punchy arrangement really brings the place to life, we are feeling the energy rising in the Classic tonight as the crowd are really getting into tonight of classic music that is being put before us tonight, we roll into –

Don’t Walk Away – The night takes a stroll into the 80s properly as Stewartie opens his vocals to allow this soulful rocking ballad to really deliver with all it has. The rhythm section is coming for us with all it has as it combines bass/snare punches that really take this ballad to another level as the place is really feeling the boys as they really take this soulful rasping piece to another level. Eddie steps forward and throws out some epic tones as the crisp, clean licks fill the air and really give us what we came for tonight. This is a really cool way to kick off tonight’s proceedings as I can tell you it is as if the boys have never been away, we slip quietly into the fantastic –

Promises – Heavy pounding basslines get this foot-stomping rock n roll monster on the move as we get a feisty bass drum beat that gets our hands in the air as this shredding beast hits us with all it has. The bassline is hitting us with some cool grooves that allow this classic track to come to life as we stamp our feet to this infectious rock n roll beast that is topped off with killer vocals that are strong, and melodic and bring plenty to the party me tell you, the slick clean guitar licks are filling the air as Eddie cuts loose and really socks it to us, we are lapping up this excellent night of 80’s inspired music that has the juices flowing for sure as the crowd are really feeling the boys as they rip through the Classic tonight, we are nearing the end of the set as we stumble into the fantastic –

Fantasy Girl – The tempo rises a little as the slick gritty guitar riffs ooze from the stage as the boys bring the heat in this fist-pumping rock n roll trip. The rhythm section is bringing its A-Game as Davey really pounds on the drum kit and gets this killer track moving, the bass is bumping and wraps itself around this awesome track as the crowd is really getting into the night of classic rock that is bubbling to the surface as the guys give it all they have. The vocals are filling the air as they come armed with a full-scale killer range that suits this guitar-laden beast down to a tee, this has been a really cool start to the night as we just let the boys do their thing and give the crowd what they came for tonight. We have two tracks left of tonight’s killer set as we flow into the gritty beast that is –

Kill Them All – Heavy laden bassline is rolling through the intro as this pounding rock n roll classic is building and building as the boys are smiling from ear to ear as the crowd gets behind them as the boys bellow in the background and let this fantastic piece give it to us. The rhythm section is commanding the ship with a real solid tone that is just awesome as the boys have settled into their stride and given us a real shot in the arm tonight as we stamp our feet and let the music do its thing. Eddie comes in with a slick, clean solo that hits us with sharp licks and sweet tones this killer track takes on an identity of its own as the guitar licks fill the air and are driven by a sweet deep meaty bassline that is just on the money, we come to the last song of the night as the boys bring us –

Say Goodbye(Sayonara) – As the place readies itself for the last track we get a punchy snare drum punch that gets this guitar-laden track on the move. The boys are really enjoying themselves as they as giving us a real show tonight with cool licks and meaty basslines that are wrapped in the colossal guitar licks as Eddie really digs deep and brings the magic to night. The fantastic vocals ooze quality, class and depth as Stewartie really comes into his own with smooth-flowing vocals that are standing the test of time let me tell you, a really cool set from these boys who looked as if they really enjoyed themselves tonight.

Lyin Rampant  –

                        Stewart Adams  –  Vocals

                        Eddie Trainer  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                        Doug Jagger  –  Bass

                        Davey Harkness  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –



            Indoor Games

            All But Gone

            Don’t Walk Away


            Fantasy Girl

            Kill Them All             Say Goodbye(Sayonara)

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