Rockinburgh Festival Edinburgh Saturday 30th September

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Part Two

Review and Photographs by Linda McDermott


After a fabulous Friday night to kick off this great wee festival, it was going to be a day of discovering new bands for me. There were supposed to be seven bands playing today but unfortunately, Daxx and Roxane couldn’t make it, so Mother Vulture were now headlining the day. So, let’s go and discover……….

Holyrude Vault

According to the guys in the band, they are ‘out to grab the rock scene by the balls and bring back the sleaze, attitude and swagger’ a bold statement indeed from a band, but with influences coming from the likes of Thin Lizzy, The Sex Pistols and Motörhead it might just be possible for Danny – vocals, Con – guitar, JT – bass and

Chris – drums.

They have a couple of singles under their belt called Saved Me (2023) and Dynamite (2022) both on the set list and both great punchy tracks that were appreciated and applauded. Slipping an AC/DC track bang in the middle of things got those who were milling around at the bar interested and Danny’s vocals were more than enough to cope as the crowd got behind them. I will definitely be happy to see them play again.





A whole lot of Rosie

Saved Me


Around and Round

Dead fire

This band say they are ‘booze rock titans from northeast of Scotland, drunk n’ roll at its finest and to be honest, I think that’s exactly what we got. Right from the start they were punchy and gritty and very entertaining. Charlie was very funny and had everyone singing Sponge Bob Square Pants! He wore a sweetie necklace, (you have to be a certain age to appreciate that) which he later threw into the crowd as he bounced around the stage and stood on the barrier, motivating the crowd.

Opening with their latest single, ‘Pro-Pain’ with its deep baseline and heavy riffs they started as they meant to go on, and they churned out great tracks one by one. This band are heavy rock at its best and I enjoyed every minute of their set, so much so that I downloaded their latest album ‘Hounds of Justice’. My favourite song of the night for, apart from Sponge Bob, was ‘War’, but I can’t fault any of the songs or the way they involved their audience with their energy because I found it and them very contagious.

The band members have changed a lot since it was formed in 2012 but in 2021, they finally settled on a permanent lineup which works, consisting of Charlie – vocals, Rich – guitar, Boothy – bassist and Tunk – drums.



Hounds of Justice



Anxiety Society

Crazy Ones

Bad MOFO???


What You Want

A Ritual Spirit

This day just gets better and better as I discover more new music and this is what I love, each band brings something different to the event and as I have an eclectic taste in music, I’m enjoying every minute.

A Ritual Spirit are a 4-piece alternative rock band from Edinburgh, who definitely have a following. They are a filthy, heavy rock band that has lots of influences running through their songs which I like.

They are –

Oli- vocals

Fuzz– lead guitar

Martin – Bass/vocals

Dave – drums

My favourite songs by them are the ‘Rodent’ from their Elements I EP, and ‘Illuminate’ taken from the Carnival Carnivorous Album. Yet again I’ve downloaded their music and if I hadn’t come to this festival, they would never have even been on my radar and that’s why going to gigs is so important.

Set List





Set Us Free




Battalion of Flies

Moved up to third on the bill are the grungy rock band Battalion of Flies who were formed back in 2002 and consisting of –

Tony Noble – bass

Craig Costello – vocals/guitar

CK Gillon – drums/backing vocals

Zak Costello – guitar/backing vocals

If you like your music with an undercurrent of Nirvana/Faith No More then this is definitely the band for you. I loved ‘Gorilla Suit’ and their latest single ‘Where We Hide’ which was released at the beginning of September. They played a nine-song set that everyone enjoyed, and I really feel we have been spoilt with the choice of bands Andy and Gill have provided for this festival.



Gorilla Suit



To The End



Where We Hide

One Eye Open

If you’d like to catch them again, and who wouldn’t, the next gig for the guys is supporting Big Iron at their ‘It Gets Bigger’ EP launch here at La Belle Angéle, Edinburgh on the 13th of October. Don’t miss it.

Valhalla Awaits

Coming all the way from South Wales Valhalla Awaits prides itself on ‘big riffs and even bigger melodies’ meaning they have anthems galore.

They are-

Andrew – vocals

Gareth (Snoz) – drums

Rhys – Guitar

Sam (Kilb) – bass

Chris – guitar

These guys can belt out a tune and give it everything on stage. I love their raw gritty rock sound with slick guitar playing, I love that behind all the hair there is a great voice that powerfully delivers the emotive lyrics. My favourite songs were ‘Black Water’ ‘Dying Inside’ and ‘Skin & Bone’ and you can’t beat a bit of Nirvana’s ‘Breed’ to finish off, but I loved the whole set as did the crowd.

If you’ve not listened to them yet, I’d suggest you do because as they play more and more gigs and festivals you’ll want to be joining in the choruses and playing air guitar along with everyone else.


Door of No Return

Dying Inside

Where Do We Go

Rolling Thunder

Black Water

Immigrant Song/ Slave

Skin & Bone

Inside The Sun

Digging The Grave


Mother Vulture

Oh…. My… Giddy…. Aunt! Someone has just released a beast at La Belle!

Firstly, four guys come on stage wearing white which looks well out of place at a rock festival and secondly, what the hell is happening, they are screaming at the crowd to “C’mon”?

I think they stopped me dead in my tracks and had me thinking ‘How am I going to photograph them when they’re bouncing off the walls’, but I was smiling and laughing and really enjoying every single second of the mayhem that is Mother Vulture.

Georgi Valentine – Vocals

Brodie Maguire – Guitar

Chris Simpson – Bass

Matt West – Drums

Georgi’s vocal range is as wide as the Grand Canyon and he took us all on a roller coaster ride through all the notes he can hit, I loved ‘Fame or Shame’ from their ‘Mother Knows Best’ Album which was released last year. It just slaps you in the face and tells you to listen! But then so does every other song they played.

At one point Brodie was walking along the top of the barrier, which is about 4 inches wide before heading back onto the stage to do his trigger impersonation and Chris was doing somersaults across the floor, in a white suit! I just can’t keep up!

All I can say is they are brilliant, just absolutely brilliant.

All too soon the beasts are put back in their cage, without an encore as Brodie has given himself a bleeding nose caused by enthusiasm.

When the bleeding had stopped, I got a chance to speak to the guys and was told that Matt (drums) is the one who held them all together!!!!!


Tell Me

Habits Die Hard

The Wave

Fame or Shame

Rabbit Hole


Go Big or Go Home

Monster Crunch

Shifting Sands

Big Bad

Not Yet

Mr Jones

Am I a fan of Mother Vulture? Bloody right I am!

They are touring extensively so if you didn’t catch them here, there are more opportunities available, and I thoroughly recommend you get yourself a ticket for one of their gigs because then and only then will you fully understand what I’m talking about.

I have had the best time at this festival and will definitely be heading back next year for more of the same.

Finally, let’s not forget what this festival is all about which is raising money for the charity Rockin’ for Tots, all monies raised go towards various neonatal units and bereavement charities. You can find out more information about the charity and how to donate at the following website

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