7th band on at The Flame Festival were the Iconic NWOBHM Gods Stormchild.

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This is the second time that this amazing band has graced the Mearfest Stage.

In May Last year, they came and opened our Mearfest North Gig in Newcastle and quite literally blew our minds!

This time they were much further up the bill and took to the stage with all the confidence and force that we have grown to expect.

Colin Berry the lead singer took command of the excited and vibrant audience

You hear the word front man banded about but this is surely what Colin is and much much more.

The band consisting of Neil McCurley on keyboards, Dave Tomkins on guitar, Kev Wells on Bass and The irrepressible Chris Mitchell on the drum throne create the most sumptuous music

Rich in colour and depth the keyboards break through to absolutely enthrall us all.

To describe Mearfest as just a gig has become ridiculous, especially over the last couple of years

We have grown into a hugely emotive almost religious experience

Our close-knit ” family” has become immensely strong and inclusive.

As a support network, a source of strength, support and love it has become a thing of beauty and a monumental force of remembrance

The fact that Stormchild has embraced that and become so integral to us.

They are our family first and foremost and the blood runs deep.

A quite magnificent performance up on the Queens Hall stage.

Stormchild on this occasion prove that for once Lightning can strike twice and the fire, heat and flames will burn within us for eternity

” Witness the Stormchild

She is born of Thunder

Lightening strikes two at a time “

Claire Mear

Rich Burlingham

Nick Grimley

John P Bellinger

John Hook

Louise Beck

Jenna Marie Cart

Paul Proctor

Caroline Larkin

Liz van der Kris

Tim Perry

Darren Joyce

Nigel Skelton

Graham Orion Pax

Kevin Hargrave

Kat Hall

Dawn Preston Smith

Jeff Baddley

Daniel Skalpel

Daniel Boon

Chris Borrosh

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