Brian Mear Claire and Amelie all love Mark Skidz Edwards Space Rock Project Incubus Lovechild.

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Since Amelie was a toddler she has loved anything to do with Space and Aliens, Planets and Stars.

She’s always claimed that she is from Saturn and who knows? Maybe she is.

This shared connection with Mark and his music is a lovely thing and having received Incubus Lovechild’s ” Deadworld ” E.P. ( A four track taster for the forthcoming DEADWORLD album) we have been listening to the EP on the school run over the past few days.

Amelie goes to the next village for School and it’s exactly a mile door to door.

The small road has beautiful high hedges lining it as it undulates up several small hills.

We see pheasants, magpies, squirrels, hedge sparrows, rooks, and on one occasion a stoat cross our path.

So on our journey, we have listened to the four tracks … The Crystal Seas of Anubis, Into the Sea of Stars, Star Child and Deadworld ( wastelands of Oz edit )

Mark is responsible for Vocals, Synths and Sequencing.

Niall Hone plays bass and The quite wonderful poet Oz Hardwick performs the narration on the final track Deadworld.

What we have here is quite wonderful and reminds me of the Flicknife era of Hawkwind and the slightly earlier ” Church of Hawkwind ” album coming to mind

Swirling synthetic and driving Hue Lloyd Langton-style guitars take me back to those years when I was obsessed and captivated by Hawkwind.

I glance at Amelie who sits in her seat at the back of the car and the reaction is quite remarkable

She sways and smiles, and keeps the beat with her hands on her car seat.

Laughs and occasionally shrieks as the music washes over us.

All four tracks are brilliant and the final track with the poetry is sublime and reminds me of ” The Fall of Earth City”

This is the same type of music that I immersed myself in totally in my late teens and early twenties

Its rich wide soundscape is immense and like Space is endless.

The E.P. can be summed up best by Amelie my 6-year-old daughter.

” It starts a bit scary, but then it makes me smile and laugh and my arms really flap “

And if anyone produces music of any form to get that reaction is literally out of this World.

Well done Mark thank you for our daily trip through the Sea of Stars.

Claire Mear

Twigwizzle Flynn

Sophie M Blackman

Sam Hulme

Dibs Hulme

Frenchy Louis Gloder

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