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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Rattlebacks are a 5 piece rock n roll explosion from Brighton, England who began their journey back in 2021. These boys are a sheer force of nature that tip their hat to grunge / classic/hard rock, they incorporate modern sensibilities that let them express themselves to the edge, and the boys deliver to us their brand new EP Kink which I will be reviewing for you today.

Rattleback – From the off, we get a real sludgy gritty rock n roll riff that lets this track tell its own story as the full-on bassline wraps itself around this foot-stomping intro. The vocals come through and they give us a real rasping tone that matches the musicality perfectly, we have a solid snare drum that brings a bass beat that is followed by cymbal crashes that really give this arrangement some clout. The whole track is an explosion of the senses that brings sweet, slick, clean guitar licks with energy, depth and direction as the killer bassline drops epic funk grooves that make this opening track special.

Amon – The rhythm section kicks things off with a pounding bass groove that welcomes a solid snare drum beat as the funk element rolls through the opening salvo of the rasping intro. The solid guitar licks are a real punch in the face as they hit us with sizzling grooves and epic picks that let the tone flow evenly through this foot-stomping rocker track, we have a real deep energy oozing from these boys as they hit us with everything they have and boy does it show. The gritty rasping guitar is the star of the show as it commands the attention in this rasping rock track that brings us gravelly vocals that really take this track up a notch or two, the depth and emotion oozing through are just awesome.

Burn It Down – The track opens with cool guitar licks that ooze from the get-go as this mellow piece begins its journey before we get a pounding snare drum kick that lets the rhythm section make itself known to us. The bass kicks are just letting the tone wander freely through the track as the boys turn up the heat in this gritty rocking beast that is bringing the fuel and letting us know it has arrived, we have a meaty bassline that is dropping epic funk tones all through this monster track that is giving us pure vocal power as the gravelly tones wrap themselves around this fist-pumping rock n roll juggernaut. The guitar solo is just insane as the boys open up and really let this monster do it as we feel the energy kicking in the doors and letting us have it.

Favourite Son – Crisp guitar chords open this track as we ready ourselves for the onslaught that is coming, bass kicks are letting the rhythm section lead the way as the tempo goes up a level. The bassline is deep with a really infectious tone that lets this awesome track do its thing, we get cool soulful vocals that are ably backed up by some smooth backing vocals that just let this track roll on down the road. The snare drum punches are matched by the killer bass grooves that really deliver a killer punch that is just building and building as we feel the depth that these boys bring to their music, we get a rich, slick guitar solo midsection that brings the fire and energy powering through this rasping beast as we stand back and listen to the phenomenal licks that are oozing from this sludgy, rocking monster as it just takes us by surprise.

The Rattlebacks  –

                            Josh  –  Vocals

                            Max  –  Lead Guitar

                            Coxy  –  Rhythm Guitar

                            Jack  –  Bass

                            Seth  –  Drums

Tracklisting  –



                    Burn It Down

                    Favourite Son

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