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Review By Darren McIntyre

Glasgow The Band came about from the demise of bands Heaven & Wildcat. Whilst having a chance meeting of other artists Glasgow was born and although they were doing covers at first they quickly brought their own style and original music and eventually landed a record deal which led to recording and releasing powering beast of an album Zero Four One named after the famous Glasgow Dialling code. The boys come at us tonight all guns blazing as they get ready to take the roof off of The Classic Grand tonight, please join me as I bring you this fantastic rock n roll outfit. They take the stage to huge applause as they launch into the awesome –

We Will Rock – This fantastic night of rock kicks off with an opening track that is just a gritty rocking beast that brings all the trimmings with solid soulful rasping vocals. Snare drum punches fill the air as the rhythm section comes at us full pelt with bass kicks and cymbal crashes that are just on the money. Bass chords are dropping meaty funk grooves that are wrapping themselves around this punchy catchy rocking beast as the boys come through with awesome backing vocals that just take this track skywards, Peter is bellowing out killer vocals that really suit this classic band for sure and takes us way back to 1983 for sure, Peter bellows out are we ok and having a good time to which we reply yes, we move onto –

Meet Me Halfway – A real killer track that brings all musicians to the fore as they settle into their groove with solid soulful powering vocals that echo all around this venue. Keys are bringing a fresh take to this awesome track as Peter brings the rasping vocal tones to us. The thundering rhythm section is hitting us with solid snare drum punches that command the engine room. There are sweet crisp guitar riffs pouring into this classic track as the crowd sings along to the chorus the boys take it up a notch with this melodic arrangement flowing effortlessly through the track as Archie brings in his solo that just catches us off guard, the boys take the applause as we go onto –

Move Better – a cool solid groove comes at us as the boys really let themselves go and let us feel the heat from this killer track. Vocals are strong and command the whole place as the boys come in with sizzling guitar riffs and plundering bass chords that just wrap themselves around this clever piece of music, the introduction of the keys is just fantastic as Al lets the groove flow as he lets his fingers do the talking. We are just smiling from ear to ear as the boys have smiles of pure joy all over their faces as they lap up the applause and hollering that is coming from this over-excited audience tonight, we slip into –

Feel My Heat – There are gritty guitar riffs joined by a pounding rhythm section that lets this track express itself. We have real soulful melodic vocals that let the track come to life as the boys really hit their stride and bring depth to the Classic Grand tonight, the funking bassline is driving the track onwards as the sweet keys are littered throughout this fantastic arrangement. The foot-stomping track is building and building as Peter bellows out with real conviction to this guitar-fed beast as Archie creeps all over the stage and offloads with real energy that just gets the juices flowing. We are punching the air and wanting more from the boys as they deliver a real faultless piece that lets us know that the boys are back, we roll into –

Breakout – A killer shredding guitar riff erupts into the air as a deep solid snare drum beat comes hurtling towards us. Bass chords are dropping sweet meaty funk grooves that just allow this track to bring the noise to us tonight, vocals are hitting the groove with killer tones that just mix so well with this fantastic arrangement, we are just glad we can say that we were here tonight as the boys are really pushing the envelope tonight and letting us know that they have more in the tank tonight as we really bellow our appreciation for what they are doing tonight. A slick balanced piece of music that sounds as good today, we are just hollering for these boys tonight as we move on –

Will You Be Mine – Keys kick off this pounding monster as the boys bring the uptempo groove to the Classic tonight as Petet’s melodic strong tones linger throughout the hall as this track puts smiles on people’s faces tonight. The heavy rhythm section is giving us solid snare drum beats that control the whole track as Archie offloads with slick, clean licks that are working well with solid cool basslines that wrap themselves around the toe-tapping groove laden piece that is just lifting the venue tonight as we roll back the years with the boys as they take us on a journey that brings back all the memories, the boys are coming to the business end of the night and take us into the awesome –

Secrets In The Dark – A cool rasping guitar pick wanders into this cool arrangement as sweet keys linger through the intro as solid snare drum punches fill the air and let this track unfold. Vocals are oozing into this slick melodic anthemic track that has a real deep pounding groove that is instantly recognisable. Bass chords are dropping meaty funk grooves that wrap themselves around this cool piece as the groove builds and builds as we get a rasping gritty guitar lick that just elevates this awesome arrangement, we turn to the rhythm section as the cymbal taps bring balance to this incredible track as the whole band are just letting tonight’s shenanigans wash over them as they lap up the cheers and shouts from this excitable crowd, we are heading for the end of the night as Peter hollers out have we had a good time and we holler back yes, the boys give us one more in the form of –

Under The Lights – Heavy cool keys fill the air as the rhythm section brings the groove with solid snare punches that have bass kicks that really let this track open up. A shredding guitar riff is pouring into the track as Peter’s colossal vocals really kick in and let this track do its thing. Bass chords are handing us mellow deep plundering grooves that are just on the money, we have a cool sizzling riff that wanders effortlessly through the mid-section as this track just tells us that Glasgow is back and ready for world domination and I think we would all agree that this has been something special tonight as we have had rock, hair metal and NWOBHM in it’s finest form.


                     Peter – Vocals

                     Archie  –  Guitars

                     Brian  –  Bass

                     Al  –  Keys

                     Todd  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            We Will Rock

            Meet Me Halfway

            Move Better

            Feel My Heat


            Will You Be Mine

            Secrets In The Dark

            Under The Lights

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