Heavy Pettin Live @ Classic Grand ShockCity Productions

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Heavy Petting is a NWOBHM / Rock band formed in Glasgow in mid-1981 who got together and recorded their debut single Roll The Dice in 1982 which caught the eyes of Polydor Records who signed the band. They had Queen guitarists Brian May & Reinhold Mack as producers and the result was the 1983 classic album Lettin Loose which spawned a couple of singles and this was enough to get them opening slots for bands such as KISS, Ozzy & Whitesnake. The boys have played hometown shows in Glasgow, and graced the stage at Winterstorm in Troon, tonight they are welcomed like the gladiators going into battle but the only difference is that their arena tonight is Glasgow’s Classic Grand. The boys gather as the intro music blares through the speakers and then boom they enter the stage and the Heavy Pettin juggernaut rolls into Glasgow with a bang, we holler and give them the horns up to let them know we cannot wait for the boys to show us what we have missed as we launch into –

 Heavy Pettin’ brought a heavy dose of nostalgia and pure rock ‘n’ roll energy to the Classic Grand, delivering a performance that left the audience both elated and craving more. The Scottish rockers, who have been a staple in the music scene since the 1980s, proved that they still know how to put on a show that electrifies the crowd.

From the moment the band hit the stage, it was clear that they were here to rock and rock they did. The opening chords of their classic hits sent a wave of excitement through the venue, and the fans were on their feet, singing along to every word. Heavy Pettin’s musicianship was tight and on point, showcasing their years of experience in the industry.

Lead vocalist Stephen  “Hamie” Hayman’s voice hasn’t lost any of its power over the years. He belted out the lyrics with passion and charisma, engaging the audience with his stage presence. Guitarists Dave Aitken and James Ford delivered blistering solos, reminding everyone why they’re considered some of the best in the business.

The setlist was a mix of their greatest hits and fan favourites, including brand new tracks ” X-Rated” “Rock Ain’t Dead,” “Love Times Love,” and “In and Out of Love.” Each song was met with thunderous applause and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. The boys were bringing the heat to The Classic Grand tonight as they ventured in with another new number in the form of ” Line In The Sand” which really brought the place to life for sure.

The rhythm section, consisting of David ‘ Boycie’ Boyce on bass and Michael Ivory on drums, provided a solid foundation for the band’s high-octane performance. Their chemistry and precision were evident throughout the night.

One of the cool points of tonight’s show was when Hamie was passing out the 1LT bottle of Jack Daniels that didn’t seem like it was coming back, only for Hamie to wrestle it back from the thirsty eager punters who were only happy to oblige in sharing a snifter of the hard stuff.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the encore, where Heavy Pettin’ returned to the stage for a final burst of energy. The crowd’s energy was infectious, and it felt like a true celebration of rock music. It was fitting that the boys finished on the rousing monster that is “Throw A Party” which really gave the punters a reason to come out in force tonight in Glasgow, this was a real classic night of rock music that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Heavy Pettin  –

                       Stephen ‘ Hamie ‘ Hayman  –  Vocals

                       Dave Aitken  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                       James Ford  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                       David ‘ Boycie ‘ Boyce  –  Bass

                       Michael Ivory  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            X Rated

            Rock Ain’t Dead

            Roll The Dice

            Shout It Out

            Line In The Sand

            Back To You

            Sole Survivor

            Rock Me


            In And Out Of Love

            Hell Is Beautiful             Throw A Party

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