Burning Witches – Live – SWG3

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Burning Witches is a power / heavy metal band from Brugg, Aargau, Switzerland who originally formed in 2015, the band like most have had some changes in personnel but has kept the music the main focus as they continue their domination to take on the world. The girls have given us Burning Witches in 2017, Hexenhammer in 2018, Dance With The Devil in 2020The Witch Of The North in 2021 and bring us their stunning new offering The Dark Tower which was released in May this year. The girls have brought in Courtney Cox to bring the firepower whilst Larissa Ernst goes off to have her baby, tonight the girls stop off in Glasgow @ SWG3 to give us a good old dose of power / heavy rock on this cool Sunday night. As the venue fills up and the tension hits fever pitch the lights dim and the intro music booms through the house PA, the lights go up and hitting the stage come Burning Witches to the delight of the crowd, and the girls launch into the blistering –

Unleash The Beast – A solid snare drum punch is pouring from the stage as the girls unleash the beast and bring their brand of power rock to Glasgow tonight as this excited crowd feel the heat. Lala is giving it her all tonight as this foot-stomping, power-fisted rock track gets us all warmed up as we let the girls do their thing, the tempo changes direction on several occasions as the twin guitar licks kick in the doors and let us feel the power oozing from the girls. The deep full on bassline is handing us a really cool funk tone that flows effortlessly through this awesome opening track, the beat is a real fierce tone as Laura whips us into a frenzy and raises her fist in the air and wants us to give all we have tonight and boy to we give her what she wants. The crowd are really feeling the energy oozing from the girls as they power through this opening salvo that is getting us all hot and bothered, we applaud loudly as Laura bellows out ‘ Hello Glasgow’ and we holler back as the girls thank us for coming out and lead us right into colossal –

Wings Of Steel – Kicking things off with a fast and furious pounding snare drum punch that brings in the blistering double bass kicks that give this track a solid grounding. The shredding guitar riffs are filling the air as this growling beast bares its teeth and really brings the noise to us tonight, we have awesome basslines dropping full-on meaty grooves that are wrapped in a solid thundering rhythm section that really lets this track cut loose. The rasping growler vocals fill the venue as the place hits boiling point as we stamp our feet and feel the energy oozing from the stage tonight as the twin axe assault is just flowing freely through us tonight. The colossal rhythm section is bringing us a thundering beat that is flowing effortlessly through SWG3 tonight, the place goes nuts as the girls ask us if we are having a good time and a thundering YES comes right back at them, we roll into the growling beast that is the colossal –

Hexenhammer – Laura kicks things off with a fist-pumping growl as this thundering monster gets off the ground and really tells its own story. The shredding guitar is working well as Courtney & Romana bounce off each other and really let this beast do its thing, we get the chanting coming back from the audience as this monster builds and builds with every note that is coming our way. There is a real melodic feel to this Bad Boy as the girls hit top speed and really give it to us with this fantastic track that lets the guitar do the talking as we stamp our feet and throw our fists in the air, we are getting a real treat tonight as the girls bring the groove tonight and let us have it right between the eyes with sizzling rock n roll beast, the place is in top flight tonight as the girls stop for a breath and ask us if we are ok and that we are having a great time to which we reply yes, the girls grab a drink and catch themselves as we roll into –

Lucid Nightmare – The heat goes up a notch or two as this thundering beast comes at us with a furious rhythm section that just brings the noise with ease. The slick crisp guitar riffs fill the air as this melodic monster gives it to us straight with rasping full-on vocals that give this track a real edgy feel as we get the full force of the double bass kick drums that are controlling this epic beast with ease, the cool guitar licks are whipping us up into a frenzy as the girls feel the energy oozing from us tonight as they drive their Burning Witches juggernaut straight through Glasgow tonight. This is a real fist-pumping piece that brings in the killer riffs that are wrapped in meaty basslines that just keep on giving and giving, we roll into the last track of the set in the form of – 

Burning Witches – Finishing off tonight’s fantastic set we get a real snare drum-driven track that comes armed with bass kicks that really let this track come to life. The vocals are just on the money as Laura hits the front of the stage and punches the air with all she has the crowd really get into these 5 girls as they bring the heat with slick cool guitar licks that are wrapped in real meaty basslines that are kicking in the doors and giving us a real anthemic melodic rock track that is just the perfect way to finish a power bursting set that really got us in the mood to rock out in Glasgow tonight.

Burning Witches  –

                            Laura Guldemond  –  Lead Vocals

                            Romana Kalkuhl  –  Guitar

                            Courtney Cox  –  Guitar

                            Jeanine Grob  –  Bass

                            Lala Frischknecht  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Unleash The Beast

            Wings Of Steel


            Lucid Nightmare             Burning Witches

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