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Bywater Call’s performance in The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh was nothing short of mesmerising. From the moment they stepped on stage, there was an electric energy that permeated the venue. The band’s synergy was palpable, creating an immersive experience that left the audience captivated.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through their discography, blending soulful ballads with high-energy anthems. Meghan Parnell’s voice was a force of nature, effortlessly navigating the emotional depth of each song. The lyrics, rich with storytelling, resonated with the crowd, creating an intimate connection between the band and the sell-out crowd.

The instrumental prowess of Bywater Call was on full display, with each member showcasing their musical mastery. Dave Barnes’s fingers danced across the fretboard all night long, delivering soul-stirring solos that echoed through the venue. The rhythm section of Mike Meusel & Bruce McCarthy laid down a solid foundation, driving the songs forward with an infectious groove. John Kervin on keyboards added layers of texture, elevating the overall sonic tapestry to magical heights whilst Julian Nalli & Stephen Dyte were magnificent in the brass section especially when they got the opportunity to solo.

One of the highlights of the night was the band’s ability to create dynamic shifts within their performance. They seamlessly transitioned from soulful, jazzy, introspective moments to exhilarating, foot-stomping bluesy crescendos. It was a testament to their versatility as musicians and their deep understanding of musical dynamics.

The stage presence of the band was magnetic. Meghan engaged with the audience in a way that felt personal, sharing anecdotes and creating an atmosphere of camaraderie. The band’s chemistry was evident, with each member feeding off the energy of the others, creating a unified and powerful presence.

The crowd’s response was enthusiastic and unwavering at times they sang along their voices harmonising with the band. There was a sense of collective joy and shared passion that filled the venue.

As the final notes resonated through the venue, there was a collective feeling of fulfilment among the audience. Bywater Call had not just performed a gig; they had created an experience, a musical journey that left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.

In conclusion, Bywater Call’s gig was a masterclass in live performance. Their musicality, stage presence, and ability to connect with the audience set them apart as a truly exceptional band. For anyone who appreciates bluesy, jazzy soulful, authentic music delivered with passion and skill, a Bywater Call gig is one to attend.


Bring It Back, Ties That Bind, For All We Know, Sweet Maria, Love The One You’re With, Bring Me Down, Silver Lining, Falls Away, Lover Down Slow, Forgive, Arizona, Sign Of Peace, As If, Weight, Left Behind.

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