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Review By Darren McIntyre

Jason Charles Miller is a musician, singer, songwriter & lead vocalist of Industrial rock band Godhead, he is also a voice actor who has appeared in various animations & video games.

Jason has released several solo records in the Country, Southern Rock, and Americana genres, he has shared the stage with such acts as Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, Disturbed, GWAR, Rammstein, Linkin Park and more. Jason has given us 11 albums with Godhead & 8 solo records which includes his latest offering Cards On The Table. Today he releases his new single Wasted Years (Iron Maiden Cover) acoustically done with a clever twist, please sit back and grab a cold one as I walk us through this stunning new release.

Wasted Years – The track begins with sweet cool acoustic guitar strings that really set the tone for this fantastic cover which really grabs you and pulls you in. We get a fantastic stringed section that is bringing the intensity through this incredible piece of music, the whole arrangement has real depth to it as it just takes us to another place that takes us on this fantastic journey. The arrangement is just incredible as the strings just add to the atmosphere that surrounds this fantastic track, the vocals are strong, and direct and give this track a real edgy feel that is on the money, we are flowing effortlessly through the whole piece and just get pulled into the whole affair that just lets the track wash over us and take us along for the ride.

Jason Charles Miller  –

                                   Jason Charles Miller  –  Acoustic Guitar / Vocals

Track Listing  –                       Wasted Years  –  (Iron Maiden Cover)

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