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Review By Darren McIntyre

Skinny Knowledge is an Alt Rock band from Bournemouth, England who were founded in late 2019 by Andy L Smooth who was bewildered by the music industry as he wanted to bring something back as his love for music has never faltered, he began the process of securing new musicians to bring his dream to reality and the result is 4 musicians with the vision of releasing an album that they can all be proud of. The boys drop the new single I Wanna Rock n Roll which comes from their forthcoming album TwentyTwo which hits us on the 27th of October, please sit back as I walk us through this thundering new offering.

I Wanna Rock n Roll – The track springs into life with a thundering rhythm section armed with a solid snare drum beat that hits us with bass kicks and cymbal crashes that let this foot-stomping beast come at us. The cool gravelly vocals command the track as they send a cool tone all through the track as a deep bassline drops epic meaty grooves all through this party time anthem bringing slick clean licks that let the track deliver a stadium sound that will have us all up dancing and punching the air with joy as this fantastic arrangement puts a smile on your face for sure.

Skinny Knowledge  –

                                Andy L Smooth  –  Vocals / Guitar

                               Max Harris  –  Guitar

                               Rab McGowan  –  Bass / Backing Vocals 

                               Mike Rigler  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      I Wanna Rock n Roll

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