Ronnie Atkins – ‘Trinity’Album Review

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Hard Rock

Frontiers Music srl

Release Date – October 13th 2023

Review by Smudge

Ronnie Atkins has been quite prolific since his diagnosis with lung cancer in 2019 with this being his third solo album in those four years. He reckons this release is heavier than the previous two and I won’t disagree but there’s still a shed load of fabulous melodies and huge hooks.

The title track opens on a fairly dark groove and follows a smart melody that grows on you. ‘Ode To A Madman’ is heavier with a screaming intro that settles into another punchy rocker before the radio-friendly ‘Paper Tiger’ brings some fine melodic rock.

The acoustic comes out for the power ballad ‘Soul Divine’ which has some subtle synths in the background before the power comes in on the chorus before the instrumental interlude of ‘Via Dolorosa’ which heads into the eastern flavoured metal of ‘Godless’ where guitarists Chris Laney and Marcus Sunesson crunch and chug away nicely before more eastern vibes come in on ‘Shine’.

It’s back to the melodic rock on the bouncier ‘If You Can Dream It’ – talk about perfect for radio this is catchier than COVID! ‘Sister Sinister’ gets darker and melancholic before the stomping melodic metal of ‘Raining Fire’ gets us to the synth-heavy modern rock of ’The Unwanted’. The final cut ‘What If’ is another fine power ballad that will have the iPhone lights waving.

Great melodies, fabulous hooks and a huge production courtesy of Chris Laney and a wonderful mix from Jacob Hansen which is polished with some rough edges. Atkins obviously has a different perspective on life and is making hay whilst the sun shines but it’s quality not quantity. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy but if you like melodic rock like TNT, Gotthard and Pretty Maids then this is right up your street.

Track List –

1 – trinity

2 – Ode To A Madman

3 – Paper Tiger

4 – Soul Divine

5 – Via Dolorosa

6 – Godless

7 – Shine

8 – If You Can Dream It

9 – Sister Sinister

10 – Raining Fire

11 – The Unwanted

12 – What If

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