The Damn Truth – I Just Gotta Let You Know – Single Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Damn Truth are a psychedelic four-piece rock n roll juggernaut from Montreal, Canada. The band are riding a crest of a wave at the minute with their colossal album Now Or Nowhere which has delivered several killer singles, they have completed sold-out headline shows of their own and shared the stage throughout Europe & North America with the likes of Z.Z.Top(partied with Billy Gibbons in their jammies), The Sheepdogs, Styx, King King & Rival Sons. The band returns to the UK this October on their own headline tour as well as main support to the colossal Glenn Hughes, with this in mind Lee La & the boys drop riveting new single I Just Gotta Let You Know which I will be reviewing for you today.

I Just Gotta Let You Know – The track opens with cool acoustic strumming chords that really let this rocking beast break free and come for us with all it has. Lee’s incredible powering vocals shatter the silence and just allow this funky groover the space it needs to grow and soar, we have a real deep bassline that rips open the groove and wraps itself around this foot-stomping rock n roll monster that has everything we need from this incredible rock n roll 4 piece as we get slick guitar licks that erupt through the midsection as the arrangement just builds and builds with each note that is kicking in the doors and letting this Montreal 4 piece spread the love with this infectious, punchy, groove-laden powerful piece that lets us know that their new album will be worth the wait. The whole track is steeped in sizzling licks, monstrous grooves, and epic vocals that have you reaching for the repeat button.

The Damn Truth  –

                            Lee – La Baum  –  Lead Vocals / Guitar

                            Tom Shemer  –  Lead Guitar / Vocals

                            PY Letellier  –  Bass / Vocals

                            Dave Traina  –  Drums / Vocals

Track Listing  –

                      I Just Gotta Let You Know

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