Those Damn Crows – Live – SWG3 – Cosa nostra

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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos by Barry Douglas

Those Damn Crows are a hard/alternative rock band from Bridgend, Wales originally formed in 2014, the boys have grown so much since their debut release Murder & Motive. The boys have graced the stages of Steelhouse, Download, Stonedead & Planet Rock’s Winters End, this gave them the push they needed to explore album no 2 in the form of Point Of No Return which also allowed them to gain support slots with likes of Goo Goo Dolls & Monster Magnet, the boys brought us their stunning 3rd release Inhale / Exhale which brought huge praise from far and wide. Tonight the boys stop off in Glasgow to bring their infectious brand of rock n’ roll to the fine people of Glasgow, as the music blares through the house PA the boys make their way to the stage to huge cheers from this over-excited, swelling, eager bunch as they launch into –

Who Did It – Ronnie gets the show underway with thundering cymbal crashes that let this awesome show burst into life, there is a real sludgy guitar riff that allows this punchy beast to rear its head and let us know The Crows have arrived. The cool gravelly vocals fill the place as the crowd really gets into this beast of a track as the boys come in with deep full-on bass grooves that just take this opening track to another place as we feel the heat and energy oozing through SWG3 tonight. The pounding rhythm section delivers a full-on snare drum punch that really gives this track attitude, the tempo cools a little as Shane controls the crowd as they sing along to the opening chorus which just gets the juices flowing for sure. This is a real meaty opener from the boys as we move on –

Man On Fire – This a shredding beast of a track that blasts out of the blocks with a real gritty riff that has killer snare drum punches that let this track open and come to life. The melodic vocals are telling their own story as Shane just takes it all in his stride as the boys dig deep and just deliver a slick no no-nonsense set that lets us know that the boys really mean business tonight. The track has a real punchy meaty kick that is joined by killer guitar licks that just roll through this fist-pumping beast as the band really ramps up the pressure and gives this swelling Glasgow crowd what they came for, we pause for a bit as Shane chats with us and thanks us for coming out and spending time with them tonight as we roll into –

Send The Reaper – The track kicks off with a solid rhythm section that gives us snare drum punches that come with cymbal crashes that build this beast into a real foot-stomping rock n roll monster. The vocals are smooth with a real gritty edge that works well in this fantastic arrangement, the bassline is handing us a really deep funking groove that is wrapping itself around this cool little track, and we get a sweet sizzling guitar shred that turns into a powering riff that is covered in the pounding rhythm section as it commands the track from the back of the room as the boys jump around the front of the stage and really give us what we came for tonight. We applauded loudly as the boys rolled into –

Takedown – A pounding bass drum beat lets this track break free as the snare drum punches really deliver a solid opening that has melodic soulful vocals that really let this track shine. There is a real edginess to the boys as they seem tighter with a real solid foundation that has allowed them to really deliver tonight in Glasgow, we feel the energy ooze from the stage as the boys look like they are really enjoying themselves as the crowd are lapping up every morsel of this electrifying gig tonight. The boys are really giving their all tonight as the shredding guitar licks and pounding rhythm section let us know that Those Damn Crows are back baby, we roll into –

Find A Way – The track comes at us with a gritty guitar riff that has a snare drum beat that really brings this track to life as Shane comes in with his killer vocals. The bassline is dropping meaty funk grooves that allow this foot-stomping beast to tell its own story as the crowd is really feeling the boys and what they are bringing to Glasgow tonight. This is a real full on heavy ended rock n roll track that has a balladesque feel to it as the boys really pull out all the stops as they deliver a faultless piece that is getting this Glasgow audience in fine voice as they bellow back as Shane brings the depth to this melodic track, the place is rocking tonight as the boys again thank us for coming out and spending the night with the boys from Wales, we slip into –

I Am – A slick clean shredding guitar breaks the silence as the snare drum punches fill the air and let this track bring the groove to Glasgow tonight. Vocals are just on the money as they deliver a faultless tone that fills SWG3 tonight to the delight of this sold-out crowd, we get a killer bassline that is hitting us with dark full on beats that are working in tandem with the full-on rhythm section that is bringing the noise with bass kicks and cymbal crashes that really give this track depth and attitude for sure. The boys are really growing into this stage tonight as they bring a real maturity to tonight’s show that just shows how much they have grown, we rock into –

Lay It All On Me – The track begins with a really heavy pounding rhythm section that lets Shane come in with his melodic vocals that are surrounded by a killer bassline that is just kicking in the doors with its intensity. The cymbal crashes fill the air as this fist-pumping rock n roll track builds with ease and really tells us that the boys have brought their A-Game tonight and boy does it show as the crowd is really getting into the show tonight, the twin guitar licks are really bringing the heat tonight as the boys deliver slick, clean shreds that are what we have come to know and love these boys for, we are almost halfway through the set as we are led into –

Drum / Bass Solo – 

Waiting For Me – This starts as a real sombre affair as Shane’s melodic vocals break the silence as the boys come in with a thundering rhythm beat that lets the cymbal crashes fill the air and really gives this track depth. The whole arrangement is just brimming with energy, depth and attitude as we feel the whole place stop and stand still as we let the boys do their thing. The piano tones are just incredible as they add something special to this epic track the boys are hitting top speed as we tear through this epic set that just keeps giving and giving, and we slip into a real classic in the form of –

Blink Of An Eye – Shane chats with us and tells us we are going back in time as the cymbal crashes rain down on us and let this monster track open and come at us. The slick guitar riffs hurtle all around SWG3 as this punchy rocker track is unleashed and really delivers a rasping groove that gets these fists in the air, we have cool gravelly vocals that run freely through this bass-driven track that keep building and building as the rhythm section brings the noise for sure. The cool guitar riffs are working their way through this well-balanced rocker track as the crowd joins in and bellows out the chorus as Shane leads the charge and lets the arrangement really deliver a pounding groove that just works, we applaud and let the boys catch their breathe as we slide into

Go Get It – A snarling gritty guitar riff rolls through the intro as Shane bellows the outcome on Glasgow as snare drum punches hit us from all sides. The pounding rhythm section brings cymbal crashes that really bring this track to life as we throw our fists in the air and stamp our feet to this awesome rock n roll classic. The boys are really enjoying themselves tonight as they hit the front of the stage and really give us what we want and boy do we feel it, basslines are wrapping themselves around this epic gritty rock n roll track as the tempo builds and really gives us a warm fuzzy feeling tonight as the boys bellow out with Hey and they really want us to sing it back and we don’t disappoint let me tell you, the boys show their appreciation with thanking us for coming out on a cold Wednesday which brings a huge cheer before we hit –

Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead – Shane gets us to raise our hands in the air as this melodic beast rears its head and brings SWG3 to life with a real chorus of chants which is just epic. The twin guitar riffs are tearing through the track as the snare drum punches fill the air and let this gritty beast do its thing before the punchy groove brings in Shane’s awesome vocals that just lift this arrangement to another level as we feel the energy change. The bassline is handing us a sweet cool funk groove that just wraps itself around this fantastic foot-stamping beast as the crowd is going nuts with the boys hitting top gear and really getting Glasgow on the move, this is a real sludgy rocker track that has plenty of juice in the tank as the boys get us singing along to a cool chorus as the slick solo flows freely through this fantastic arrangement as we slip into –

Sin On Skin – Shane gets the crowd clapping and singing along as this track comes at us with all it has, the soulful vocals are letting the boys bring the heat as this bass-laden rocker track gathers pace and takes the roof off of this gaff tonight as we feel the boys as they deliver a real killer riff. The bassline drops a cool deep funk groove that just wraps itself around this monster track as we just stand and feel the depth oozing from the boys, the tempo changes direction again as we get a slick cool guitar lick that fills the air tonight and really letting us get right behind these boys. This is a really energetic set that just proves that these boys have it and really bring it by the truckload, the crowd are going mental as the boys have us eating from the palm of their hands, and we slide into –

This Time I’m Ready – This Time I’m Ready – The tempo is slightly mellow as Shane brings his soulful vocals that allow the track to ease gently through the venue tonight. The ballad-style rock track oozes quality from the boys as they have settled into their stride and just take us on a journey that just catches our attention. We have mellow basslines that combine with a pounding bass kick that just elevates this band to another level as they drive this melodic number through the crowd tonight classy backing vocals allow the track to really deliver as a slick crunchy riff builds to bring the chorus to us as we rock out with the boys as they really feel the crowd bring their A-Game tonight which is a real cool sight to behold, we come to the end track of this crunching top end set in the form of –

See You Again – We finish off with a real barnstorming punchy groove that has depth and swagger as Shane’s vocals fill the air and let this rocker come to life. The rhythm section hits us with cymbal crashes that let the snare drum beats drive this colossal track onwards, we have cool vocals that flow effortlessly through this gritty riffed track that just kicks in the doors and lets us know that The Crows are here and boy don’t we know it. This is a really cool track to finish on as it really sums up what this band are all about as they set about bringing us a real guitar-laden set that came armed with cool vocals, a thundering rhythm section and deep full on basslines that controlled the flow of this fantastic 5 piece outfit. Shane directs the traffic as he gets the crowd to sing back to him which is quite cool as we respond with plenty in the tank, the boys take a bow and thank us for coming out and supporting live music as they tell us they will be back.

Those Damn Crows  –

                                  Shane Greenhall – Vocals

                                  Ian ‘Shiner ‘ Thomas -Guitar

                                  David Winchurch – Guitar

                                  Lloyd Wood – Bass

                                  Ronnie Huxford – Drums

Setlist  –

            Who Did It

            Man On Fire

            Send The Reaper


            Find A Way

            I Am

            Lay It All On Me

            Drum / Bass Solo

            Waiting For Me

            Blink Of An Eye

            Go Get It

            Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead

            Sin On Skin

            This Time I’m Ready

            See You Again

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