The 2023 Bournefest extravaganza kicked off with a bang on Saturday,

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Review by JMM Photos By Ken Jackson

A mesmerizing performance of the Jess Hayes Band The, Band has held a special place in our hearts for quite some time. It has been a delight to witness with her enchanting voice and exceptional songwriting abilities, never fails to captivate her audience.

Her performance on that Saturday was no exception, leaving the crowd in awe and craving more. Jess Hayes, the frontwoman of the band, has a voice that can only be described as pure magic. Her vocal range and control are simply outstanding, and they never cease to amaze. Jess’s ability to convey emotions through her singing is nothing short of extraordinary, and it’s evident that she puts her heart and soul into every note. It’s not just her voice that shines; her songwriting is equally impressive. Each song tells a unique story and is a testament to her exceptional talent as a songwriter. Jess’s lyrical prowess is one of the reasons her music resonates so deeply with her fans.

The stage presence of the Jess Hayes Band is something to behold. Frankie Connolly, with his charismatic charm and extraordinary skills on the guitar, complements Jess’s vocal prowess perfectly. Frankie has been instrumental in Jess’s journey, and their chemistry on stage is palpable. It’s apparent that they share a deep musical connection that elevates their performances to another level. Frankie’s guitar solos are not just notes; they are stories in themselves, and his vocals add a unique layer of depth to the band’s sound.

Backing up Jess and Frankie is a rhythm section that’s nothing short of phenomenal. Andy Wilder, who handles the drums, brings a level of energy and precision to the band’s performance that is truly remarkable. His drumming serves as the heartbeat of the band, driving the music forward and infusing it with infectious energy. Then there’s Beau Barnard, the bassist, whose contributions are not to be underestimated. Every bass note played by Beau carries weight and significance, adding depth and groove to the band’s sound. The Jess Hayes Band is truly a complete package, with each member bringing their unique talents to the table.

What struck me most about the Jess Hayes Band’s performance at Bournefest was their ability to connect with the audience on a profound level. The emotional resonance of Jess’s songs, coupled with the band’s tight-knit performance, created an intimate atmosphere that drew the audience in. There were moments of euphoria, melancholy, and everything in between, all expertly crafted by the band. Their music transcended the boundaries of the stage and reached deep into the hearts of everyone in attendance.

The setlist for their Bournefest performance was a testament to their versatility. It featured a mix of Jess’s original compositions and some well-chosen covers that showcased the band’s adaptability and musical prowess. Every song was delivered with passion and precision, leaving no room for disappointment. It was clear that the band had poured their hearts into their performance, and the audience responded in kind with roaring applause and swaying bodies.

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