The Damn Truth Rocks Nottingham: A Night to Remember

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Review by Mark Pitfield Photos By Mathew Pitfield

On the 15th of October 2023, Nottingham’s Rock City, a revered icon in the world of music venues, set the stage for a night that would resonate in the hearts of rock aficionados. The headliner of the evening was none other than the legendary Glenn Hughes, and sharing this monumental stage was the exceptional support band, The Damn Truth.

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, The Damn Truth, a four-piece ensemble fronted by the charismatic Lee-la Baum, found themselves embraced by a near-capacity crowd as they took their positions under the spotlight. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation, and the air was thick with excitement.

From the very first note, a remarkable chemistry permeated the stage, a testament to the profound connection that had developed over the 11 years since their debut album. Their performance exuded the kind of genuine musicianship that can only result from years of dedication and collaboration. The band’s raw talent and remarkable growth were on full display, confirming that this was their time to shine.

For a band that had humbly confessed to flying under the radar for most of their journey, this night was a revelation. Their music resonated with an audience eager to embrace their unique brand of psychedelic rock and roll. Lee-La’s vocals, both potent and commanding, soared through the venue, while the rest of the band exhibited precise and harmonious instrumentals. The seamless interaction between band members and the crowd created a captivating synergy, making The Damn Truth’s support slot an exceptional experience. It was evident that this night had earned them a multitude of new fans, a well-deserved recognition of their talents.

Amid the fervour of the performance, my personal highlight was their rendition of their latest single, “I Just Gotta Let You Know.” Infectious and irresistible, the song left an indelible mark, making it clear that the audience would be seeking more of their music in the days to come. It was a testament to their undeniable prowess as musicians and entertainers.

As the evening concluded, one couldn’t help but feel that The Damn Truth is a band on the cusp of something extraordinary. If you had the privilege of witnessing this mesmerizing performance or are planning to catch them on their tour, I implore you to download their music and indulge in their merchandise. The Damn Truth is an extraordinary musical entity waiting to be discovered by enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, and its future in the realm of rock music appears luminous. Your journey into their world will be a rewarding one, filled with potent vocals, hypnotic melodies, and a captivating energy that resonates with the very soul of rock and roll.

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