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Review By Darren McIntyre

Hedra are a 4 piece rock/metal band from Norwich, England originally formed in 2014, like most bands they have gone through some personnel changes but have always kept the music the main focus.

The boys have dropped numerous singles that have caught the ears of many far and wide and have also given us EP’s Mind Dimension, Polaris & The Pecking Order, from that comes their dark, melodic rocking single Stolen which I will be reviewing for you today.

Stolen – Kicking in the doors from the off with a real solid snare drum beat this track comes with meaty bass kicks that set the tone as we let this juggernaut take us on the journey. The vocals are a gravelly vibe that has darkness running through the whole arrangement as the deep full-on bassline drops epic tones that just wrap themselves around this eruption of sound that just catches you off guard. The rhythm section commands the room with its solid tones and real deep beats that take us to another place as the slick melodic guitar licks erupt and deliver a sludgy, grunge-laden tone that captures the essence of this foot-stomping rock n roll effort, we feel the depth and power of this dark delivery as the boys launch into a well written powering beast that just keeps on giving.

Hedra  –

            Jim Marten  –  Vocals

            Kamil Korsak  –  Guitar

            Daniel Older  –  Bass

            James Redden  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       Stolen

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