The Struts have released their brand new single ‘Pretty Vicious’

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review by JMM

The Struts’ latest single, “Pretty Vicious,” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into their highly anticipated fourth album, and it’s a track that oozes with instant appeal. Frontman Luke Spiller’s description of the song as “completely instant” perfectly encapsulates the immediate allure of this new release.

The song opens with Spiller’s smoky and sultry crooning, capturing our attention from the very first notes. Lyrics like “When you talk and everybody listens / and you walk and everybody whispers” may not be overly complex, but they resonate with a raw, instinctual quality. It’s the vocal delivery that adds a layer of darkness and sensuality, creating a magnetic ambience that’s impossible to ignore.

What’s fascinating is how the original demo of “Pretty Vicious” went viral on TikTok, highlighting the band’s ability to connect with their audience on a fundamental level. The decision to refine it for the album release was undoubtedly a wise one. Spiller’s admission that it’s his favourite track on the album speaks volumes about the song’s quality. The track exudes an undeniable mood, creating an experience that demands multiple listens simply for the pleasure it provides.

The Struts have truly hit their stride with this upcoming album, continuing to solidify their status as platinum-selling rock stars. Their collaborations with the likes of Kesha and Tom Morello, as well as their openings for iconic acts like The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters, have all culminated in a new high-water mark for the band. With production from The Struts themselves, alongside Julian Raymond and executive production by Scott Borchetta, the album promises to infuse their signature arena-sized energy into a collection of their most concentrated and exciting songs to date.

“Pretty Vicious” is a promising sign of what’s to come from The Struts, and fans have every reason to be excited about their forthcoming fourth album. This single is a compelling blend of instinctual lyrics, captivating vocals, and the band’s unique charm, making it a must-listen for rock enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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