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Nitrate are a band who have popped up occasionally on recommended playlists and I’ve always liked what I’ve heard, particularly their previous album ‘Renegade’ which upped the AOR ante considerably compared to their first two releases. I’d always assumed they were an American band, so when I received their latest album ‘Feel The Heat’ I was surprised to see that they are a UK-based outfit operating out of one of my favourite cities, Nottingham. This is their first album on the Frontiers label who has an impressive roster, but for me, a lot of their AOR/Melodic Rock bands can sound a touch generic and interchangeable. Not in this case, however.

To put things simply, there is no doubt at all that this is the AOR record of the year so far. Brilliant production, an amazing vocalist in Alexander Strandell (who is one of the busiest frontmen in Rock), technically gifted musicians and above all a collection of fantastic songs that soar majestically here. There are eleven songs in play on this record and they are literally all killer and no filler.

From the album opener and title track ‘Feel The Heat’ with its synth beginning that quickly leads into a huge eighties-style melodic monster of a song, it’s immediately clear that we are in for something special. ‘All The Right Moves’ is next and is a song that reverberates with the sound of Summer and is a bright and breezy sounding track that wouldn’t be out of place in a John Hughes film from the eighties. ‘Wild In The City’ is a hugely confident song with Strandell’s vocals really hitting the heights with another amazing performance of a great track.

‘Needs A Little Love’ has a touch of Journey about it and the vocalist does indeed occasionally remind me of prime-era Steve Perry. ‘One Kiss (To Save My Heart) is a collaboration with Issa and for me is the best song on the album. It’s a huge ballad that is beautifully performed by both singers and for me, Melodic Rock doesn’t get much better than this. ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ picks the pace back up and is driven along by an impressive bass and drum combination, all wrapped up with what is probably the biggest hook and chorus on the entire album. ‘Haven’t Got Time For Heartache’ is the heaviest track on the record with a pounding bass line from main man Nick Hogg, while ‘Satellite’ is a chillout song that is sung in a lower key and is less frenetic than what we’ve heard previously.

‘Strike Like A Hurricane’ sounds just as you’d expect it to, a big bouncy Rock song that builds to yet another huge chorus while ‘Big Time’ keeps the energy levels high with a touch of Foreigner around the harmonies. Album Closer ‘Stay’ is a beautiful out-and-out ballad that’s very different from the previous ten tracks.

I can’t praise this record and this band highly enough. It’s a wonderful piece of work and is a huge step up for an already top-quality outfit. If you like this kind of music this is a must-purchase and I for one can’t wait until the band are back out on the road and I can see them in the flesh. Stunning, surprising and highly recommended.


Alexander Strandell – Vocals

Tom Martin – Guitars

Richard Jacques – Guitars

Nick Hogg – Bass Guitar

James Martin – Keyboards

Alex Cooper – Drums


  1. Feel The Heat
  2. All The Right Moves
  3. Wild In The City
  4. Needs A Little Love
  5. One Kiss (To Save My Heart)
  6. Live Fast, Die Young
  7. Haven’t Got Time For Heartache
  8. Satellite
  9. Strike Like A Hurricane
  10. Big Time
  11. Stay

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