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Review By Darren McIntyre photos by Barry Douglas

Samantha Fish is a singer/songwriter originally from Kansas City, Kansas who has been setting the blues/roots rock world on fire since 2009. Samantha originally started her musical career behind the kit but at 15 switched to the guitar, Samantha regularly went to The Knuckleheads Saloon to hear touring blues artists.

Turning 18 she would join the singers & bands who would perform at the bar and showcase her talents. Samantha has given us 6 studio albums & in September released her latest offering Faster. Jesse C Dayton is a musician/actor/record producer from Austin, Texas who is best known for his contributions to albums by country musicians such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson, he is also notable for his collaborations with horror film director Rob Zombie. Jesse has given us 16 albums and earlier in 2023 teamed up with Samantha Fish to bring us Death Wish Blues, fast forward and tonight these two titans of the blues rock world bring their exciting rock n roll show to the fine folk of Glasgow as they light up the world-famous Glasgow Barrowlands to bring us their Death Wish Blues Tour, please settle in as I walk us through this incredible night of music and chat that will certainly have us asking for more.

In the heart of Glasgow, amidst the misty, enchanting aura of the Barrowlands, two virtuosos of their craft took the stage, promising a night of raw, unadulterated blues and rock. Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton may hail from different branches of the musical tree, but on this night, they converged, creating an electrifying symphony that left the audience breathless.

Samantha Fish, an artist who has been gaining momentum in the blues scene, proved beyond a doubt that she deserves all the attention she’s been receiving. The moment she stepped onto the stage, her presence was magnetic, exuding a sense of confidence that only a true artist can possess. Clad in leather and wielding her guitar like a weapon, Fish wasted no time before launching into her set.

The performance was marked by Fish’s soulful and smoky vocals, which danced between sultry and raspy, serving as the perfect vessel for her blues-infused melodies. Her guitar skills are second to none; each note she played cut through the venue with precision and passion. The crowd was mesmerized, and I found myself in awe of her undeniable talent.

Jesse Dayton, known for his rockabilly and country-rock stylings, brought a different energy to the stage. He appeared as the yin to Samantha Fish’s yang, blending seamlessly into the night’s theme. His authentic Texan charm and twangy vocals gave a refreshing contrast to the blues-heavy evening.

Together with the band, Jesse Dayton delivered a raucous, energetic performance. Songs like “Kick Out The Jams” and “Deathwish” had the crowd on their feet, stomping and clapping to the rhythm. His guitar solos were the stuff of legend, and it was impossible to take your eyes off him.

The chemistry between Fish and Dayton was undeniable. They joined forces for a few songs, and the result was nothing short of magical. Their duets on “Feelin’ Good” and “Hello Stranger'” were pure dynamite, with their guitars engaged in a delightful call-and-response. We drove this blues rock juggernaut straight through the heart of Glasgow as we were treated to tracks such as “Brand New Cadillac” by Vince Taylor & The Playboys.

We strolled into the main body of the night and rattled through a mix of Death Wish Blues tracks such as “Settle For Less”, “Down In The Mud”, “No Apology” & “Trauma”, we chatted with Samantha & Jesse about how they came to record together and how the idea of bringing this exciting musical collaboration on the road at which point the crowd cheered loudly and clapped furiously as the two artists launched into the classic Townes Van Zandt cover “I’ll Be There In The Morning” before we were presented with a Jesse Dayton cover “Baby’s Long Gone” which had the crowd whooping and hollering as Jesse let rip with a scintilating solo that filled every corner of this iconic venue.

The gig went into overdrive with a flurry of new tracks in the form of the latest single “Lover On The Side” which went down so well that the pair elongated their respective solos to the delight of this swelling crowd, we were getting loose and starting to shimmy and punch the air as we were hit with a flurry of tracks including “Dangerous People”, “Supadupabad”, “Flooded Love” & the fantastic and groovy “Rippin & “Runnin” which really gave the crowd something to cheer about.

As the night was coming to a thundering end we were hit by a sucker punch of the classic Screamin Jay Hawkins cover “I Put A Spell On You” followed by the fabulous ” 7 & 7 is” and this led us onto the final track of the evening which was “Riders” before Samantha & Jesse left the stage for a breather as we eagerly awaited for this dynamic duo to return the all-conquering guitar slingers to finish us with “You Know My Heart” and the rip-roaring “Goin Down South” which really let us have it both barrels.

The venue, the iconic Glasgow Barrowlands, served as the perfect backdrop for this electrifying night. The old ballroom’s shabby-chic aesthetic and perfect acoustics created an intimate yet grandiose atmosphere, making the entire experience even more unforgettable.

In the end, Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s performance at the Glasgow Barrowlands was a mesmerizing and unforgettable evening of blues and rock. Both artists showcased their unique talents, and their collaboration was a harmonious fusion of two distinct styles. This was a night for the books, leaving the audience yearning for more and proving that the blues and rock scene is alive and thriving.

If you’re a fan of these genres, missing a performance of Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton would be a grave mistake. Keep an eye out for their future shows – you won’t want to miss them.

Samantha Fish / Jesse Dayton  –

                                                   Samantha Fish  –  Vocals / Electric Guitar / Cigar Box Guitar

                                                   Jesse Dayton  –  Vocals / Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar

Setlist  –

            Kick Out The Jams


            Feelin Good

            Hello Stranger

            Brand New Cadillac

            Settle For Less


            Down In The Mud

            No Apology


            I’ll Be There In The Morning

            Baby’s Long Gone

            Lover On The Side

            Dangerous People 


            Flooded Love

            Rippin & Runnin

            I Put A Spell On You

            7 & 7 Is


            You Know My Heart

            Goin Down South

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