Alconaut- ‘Endless Skies’

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Independent Release

Release Date – Sometime Soon

Alconaut are stoner/psych trio from the beautiful island of Corsica whose climate and peaceful holiday vibes are quite in tune with this release. I was lucky enough to have been given Alconaut’s debut album to review way back in 2019 and they even used a quote from my review on their website – talk about proud. Now they have given me their sophomore release to review. Can’t wait!

Opening with twenty seconds of fairly pointless stuff ‘The Causality’ leads to ‘Slugs’ which has the bass and guitar on the same riff which makes it heavy as hell but is softened later with some lovely warm Hammond organ in the background. About ¾ of the way through we get a beat and riff change that sails along into ‘Lost’ which brings a whole load of loud and heavy blues that stops and starts with singer/guitarist Georgio Agostini wailing over the top. ‘Ascending I: The Departure’ brings some bright and soft psych rock which gets heavier after the intro.

It’s a grinding groove and a classy riff that eases you down and some gentle effects that get you the instrumental ‘Ascending II: The Journey’ nearly eight minutes of stoner/psych joy with fuzzy Sabbathian riffs so big you can see them from space before ‘Ascending III: Endless Skies’ continues the mighty riffage and allows Agostini to croon along and that Hammond returns on the lead out. ‘Icarus Down’ gives us some Blue Cheer-like power trio fuzz rock before the rapid rock roll of ‘Gelmir’s Path’ rattles along on a messy groove.

The final cut ‘Earthbound’ is an equal parts acoustic and electric almost southern rock instrumental that finishes things nicely.

Can’t fault this in any way. These boys have proved what they can do on their debut and now they’ve taken a step up to the next level. The songs are really well structured and don’t outstay their welcome and the performances are top notch too. Classy stoner from a classy band. Difficult second album syndrome? Not on this release!

Track List –

1 – The Causality

2 – Slugs

3 – Lost

4 – Ascending I: The Departure

5 – Ascending II: The Journey

6 – Ascending III: Endless Skies

7 – Icarus Dawn

8 – Gelmir’s Path

9 – Earthbound

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