Atravion Electrifies Beastfest at Leo’s Red Lion for a Worthy Cause

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Photos By Kit Foster review by JMM

Atravion, a heavy metal band hailing from the South East UK, took the stage as the opening act at Leo’s Red Lion in Gravesend for Beastfest, a charity event raising funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The evening promised a lineup of pure, unadulterated metal, and Atravion did not disappoint. From the very first chord, they set the bar high for the bands that followed.

The band’s lineup includes Mat Nowaki on lead guitar, Kelsey Graham on vocals, Joe O’Neill on drums, Dan Acott on bass, and Joseph Clout on rhythm guitar. Each member brought their unique talents and passion for the genre to the stage, creating a dynamic and unforgettable performance.

Mat Nowaki, the lead guitarist, undoubtedly stood out the most throughout the set. His energy and skill on the lead guitar were nothing short of remarkable. Nowaki’s ability to effortlessly shred through intricate solos while exuding a charismatic stage presence was a sight to behold. His guitar work elevated the entire band’s performance and showcased his incredible prowess as a musician.

Kelsey Graham’s powerful and evocative vocals added depth to the band’s sound, perfectly complementing the intense instrumental backdrop. His ability to convey raw emotion through her singing was especially evident in the band’s more melodic moments, adding an extra layer of depth to their music.

The rhythm section, consisting of Joe O’Neill on drums and Dan Acott on bass, provided the backbone of Atravion’s sound. Their tight and thunderous rhythms laid a solid foundation for the band’s heavy, head-banging riffs. The synergy between O’Neill’s drumming and Acott’s bass playing ensured that the crowd was perpetually caught in a rhythmic frenzy.

Joseph Clout, handling the rhythm guitar duties, maintained a strong and cohesive wall of sound that allowed Mat Nowaki’s lead guitar to shine through. Clout’s precise riffing and powerful chord progressions complemented the band’s overall sound.

Atravion’s performance was a true showcase of their dedication and love for metal music showing their versatility as a band. The crowd responded with a wave of enthusiasm, headbanging in unison and pumping their fists in the air.

Beastfest, dedicated to the memory of Sophie Lancaster, is not only about celebrating heavy metal but also about supporting a worthy cause. Atravion embraced the spirit of the event by delivering a high-energy, memorable performance. Their music resonated with the audience, making for a great start to an evening filled with thundering riffs, powerful vocals, and unapologetic metal.

In conclusion, Atravion’s opening performance at Beastfest was a testament to their talent and passion for metal music. Mat Nowaki’s electrifying lead guitar work, combined with the collective energy of the entire band, left an indelible mark on the audience. Atravion’s contribution to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation was not only a musical triumph but also a meaningful step towards supporting a vital cause. If you’re a fan of heavy metal, Atravion is a band worth keeping an eye on for their electrifying performances and dedication to the genre.

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