Catch your breath shame on me review

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Review by Bracken Hake

Catch Your Breath, a Texas-based alt-rock/metalcore band has unleashed a thunderous storm with their latest album, “Shame on Me.” This 13-track powerhouse of an album takes the listener on a visceral trip into the depths of human emotion, leaving an unforgettable impact. “Shame on Me” opens with “No Evil,” establishing the tone for a dramatic and sad musical journey.

The gloomy and dismal elements of the album are instantly apparent, indicating that Catch Your Breath has something important to communicate. With songs like “Dying on the Inside” and “Dial Tone,” the band’s flair for storytelling shines through, weaving detailed narratives with a musical backdrop that fluidly changes between alt-rock and metalcore influences. The listener is drawn deeper into the band’s artistic vision as “Cycles” and “Deadly” develop.

These songs have a persistent drive and a raw, unabashed edge. “Y.S.K.W” takes a more introspective turn, delving into personal admissions and vulnerability, reminding us that Catch Your Breath’s talent rests in its ability to connect on a deeply emotional level.

“My Confessions” and “Savages” strike a delicate balance between gloom and contemplation, resulting in a mood of sorrow and meditation. “Mirror” and “Don’t Go” provide softer, more melodic moments to the mix, demonstrating the band’s musical diversity. “Shame on Me,” the album’s title tune, acts as the thematic centrepiece, capturing the spirit of the entire voyage. It’s an emotional climax that leaves an indelible effect on the listener.

“Cold Light” and “21 Gun Salute” keep the album moving forward, ensuring that “Shame on Me” never loses its edge. The band’s Texan origins show through in their trademark sound, infusing each note and word with a raw authenticity. “Shame on Me” is a cathartic experience that both challenges and captivates listeners of alternative rock and metalcore.

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