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Review By Darren McIntyre

Lucy Dreams is a dream pop trio from Vienna, Austria that consists of David Reiterer & Philipp Pruckl who get their creativity from Lucy who is the official ABM(Artificial Band Member), Lucy generates lyrics based on the input she receives and turns it into an electro-pop infusion that certainly gets the juices flowing. The boys bring us their blistering new single Achilles which I will be reviewing for you today.

Achilles – The track kicks off with haunting synth tones that bring in a cool bass kick that has soulful smooth vocals that let this electro-bursting tempo-driven arrangement move freely. The cool foot stomping tones really let the tone build as the synth notes build and build as we let the classy melodies wander freely through this catchy pop groover as it takes us on the journey that really captures the whole composition as the smooth melodic vocals take this track to another place.

Lucy Dreams  –

                        David Reiterer

                        Philipp Pruckl


Track,Listing  –


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