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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Dust Coda is a 4 piece rock n roll juggernaut from London, England which was founded in 2013 by Australian singer/songwriter John Drake & guitarist Adam Mackie., The rhythm section comes at us with Tony Ho on Bass and Scott Miller in the engine room on the drums.

The boys have gone from strength to strength with every release they drop in our laps and this success has enabled them to secure support slots with bands such as Black Stone Cherry, British Lion, The Dead Daisies & Smith & Koetzen.

The boys have given us EP The More It Fades & albums The Dust Coda, and Mojo Skyline and their blistering and in my opinion one of the top 10 albums of the year the colossal Loco Paradise, in support of this album brings the boys on tour and tonight they bring their rock n roll juggernaut to Glasgow to the world-famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Please read yourselves as the boys prepare to hit the stage and kick in the doors with the blistering –

Rock n Roll Paradise – We get a real sludgy gritty pounding beat that brings a really cool guitar riff that blows off the doors as this thundering beast leaves its mark. The real intense vocals take this track to another level as we get into the groove and feel the boys offload with little effort as this killer track just explodes and gives us deep funky basslines that are just insane, the tempo changes pace for a bit as the soulful groove hits us with a shredding power-driven guitar riff that combines well with Scott as he beats the rhythm section so hard and really drives this gritty beast towards us and lets the killer vocals take us to another place as the tension builds and builds as the track comes to a shuddering halt. We roll into the fabulous –

Limbo Man – Gritty rasping killer riffed intro with a deep bass drum kick to get this monster on the move, the guitar shredding is just off the scale. Snare drum punches fill the air as this thundering beast rears it’s ugly head and really lets loose. Vocals come through and have a real meaty gravelly rasping vibe that really stamps its authority on this pounding beast of a track. The killer shredding riff is just insane as it echoes throughout this cool track with a real swagger that we can all identify with, solo slides in and offloads with killer licks that are crisp and clean and really set this track on fire, awesome punchy power driven monster track with soul, as the crowd really show their appreciation we come away thinking that that was just incredible and I know John & the boys will have enjoyed that, I know John & Scott well and really thank them for an incredible night of hard rocking music that will take the roof off of King Tut’s tonight, we slide into –

Call Out The Dogs – Gritty sludgy guitar riffs pour towards us as this deep pounding track brings bass kicks and snare drum grooves that are just awesome. The cool vocals bring depth to this track as the boys just come together and give us a well-rounded beast that comes with basslines that are wrapping themselves around this real full-on pounding beast. The thundering beats are working so well in the punchy guitar-laden beast that brings in slick clean licks that are allowing this awesome piece of music the room it needs to grow and offer us a meaty punch that gives us sludgy bass grooves that work so well with awesome vocals that really make this track something special. The night is reaching boiling point as we reach into –

Come The Night – The killer combo of acoustic strumming licks and sweet guitar picks really elevate this smouldering track as John brings his soulful tones to this epic slab of rock ‘n roll. The tone is just incredible as the basslines come through and hit us with solid meaty funk notes that bring in a deep rhythm section that just comes armed with a solid snare beat that falls into the incredible guitar shreds that flow effortlessly through this fantastic track. This is a real thought-provoking track that gives us a sense that the boys really developed this album with depth and precision as the tracks just erupt with real gritty passion and soulful melodic vocals that just catch you off guard, the sludgy gritty guitar shreds are freakin awesome as Adam just takes us on the journey that leads us to pastures new, next up is –

Let Me Go – This is a real rock n roll track that comes with a pounding snare drum beat that runs perfectly with a killer bassline that just opens this track up. We get the killer vocals as John addresses the mic and lets rip with his rasping pipes as we take this track to another level the whole track just merges together as Adam & John work well in tandem as they feed off of each other and let this gritty monster shake King Tut’s to it’s very foundations as the track hits us with slick clean licks that are wrapped in a cool pulsing rhythm section that just blows us all away with it’s slick on point beats that really get us all worked up for sure, we roll into –

Love Sick – Acoustic strumming licks join gritty guitar riffs that really let this track breathe as we get soulful bluesy vocals that let us feel the tempo bring this track to life. The deep cool basslines are handing us a sweet cool groove that works so well in this fantastic mood-laden track that is backed with cool backing vocals that really sing. The rhythm section is coming to us with solid snare drum punches that drag bass kicks and cymbal crashes that really give this track a fantastic rock feel, we again come to a change in tempo that lets John drive forward with his silky smooth vocals that just add depth to this fantastic piece of music. The whole arrangement is a gritty rasping rocker track that just comes at us in layers as the whole track just pops and lets us feel the energy oozing from the boys. Up next is – 

 The Streets – Acoustic strumming chords let this awesome track do its thing as John comes at us with killer vocals that let the track breathe. The groove is intense as we really take the lyrics to our hearts as we just go with the flow and let the music drive us forward, the plush bassline gives us mellow funk tones that allow this awesome track to take us to another place and really connect with the awesome acoustic strumming chords that just blow us away and then some. This is a real soulful track that is just lifting us to another place as John’s fantastic melodic vocals really allow us to feel the emotion oozing from this powerful arrangement.

Free All The Dancers – The rhythm section comes to life with a pounding snare drum/bass kick combo that just brings this electrifying beast to our attention. The cool basslines are dropping full-on funk tones that let the slick killer guitar riffs take this track to another place with ease, the album is just coming at us from all directions as the boys have really given us a fabulous slab of rock n roll that has just blown me away with it’s intense lyrics, cool riffs and colossal vocals that are wrapped in deep bass tones that are just insane. The boys have really gone away and thought about this album that just ticks all the boxes for sure, we are really losing ourselves in this fantastic piece of music that just lets the boys do what they do best. I must say that Scott’s new kit is a beast and really drives the sound all over this iconic venue as we rock into –

Since You’ve Been Gone – Fantastic cool guitar licks are oozing from this deep thought-provoking piece of music that is just incredible. The vocals are intense, deep, and melodic and just let us feel the emotion pouring from the boys as this soulful beast rears its head and delivers a colossal tone that takes your breath away. The acoustic strumming grooves really add depth to this fantastic arrangement as we just flow freely through the whole arrangement, the rhythm section comes in and brings deep bass kicks that allow the snare drum to punch the room to take this deep meaningful track off down the road and really let the boys take us to another place. The fantastic groove is just catching us off guard as the track just builds and builds with ease as the tempo changes direction and allows Adam free reign to give us gritty deep rasping guitar licks that really deliver. The track just turns on it’s heels and suddenly hits us with a colossal wall of guitar licks that are surrounded by killer pounding beats that let the cymbal crashes rain down on us.As the energy builds and the crowd get noisier we kick into –

The More It Fades – This is a real foot-stomping beast as it drops a sludgy thundering rhythm section that comes armed with bass kicks and snare drum beats that really get the room moving. The deep bassline wraps itself around us as Tony cuts loose and gives us what we came for tonight for sure, the epic vocals fill every corner of the venue tonight as John brings his A-Game tonight for sure as this slick written number really comes into its own as Adam shreds with ease as he throws out a killer solo that just smacks us straight in the face as we really give these boys a warm welcome as they rock out with us, we slip right into –

Down In The Valley – Down In The Valley – This beast really kicks in the door and has us rocking in the aisles as we feel the rawness pouring into this thundering beast that has sass and attitude. Bass drum kicks are helping the rhythm section bring the heat as snare drum punches fill the air and cymbal crashes wash over us as the boys really bring the big guns to let us know what we have witnessed tonight was something spectacular, a sizzling guitar solo blows the roof off this incredible venue as we get the full-blown version that just blows us all away. We have been witness to one of the best rock n roll shows of 2021 tonight as the boys really give it to us, we stop for a minute as we get stuck into –

On Fire – Epic basslines come through and deliver a meaty funk tone that works well with slick guitar picks that let this foot-tapping beast come at us. The rhythm section delivers a crunching power-driven beat that lets the cymbal crashes fill the air as the cool bass/snare combo just erupts and takes this track to another level. The soulful gritty vocals are just incredible as John digs deep and really brings the soul to this crunching beast that is being given depth as the pounding rhythm section delivers cool punchy snare drum beats that are wrapped in killer basslines that really make this track something special. The shredding guitar licks are just kicking in the doors and letting us know that these boys really do mean business as they deliver a colossal deep and meaningful slab of killer rock n roll brothers and sisters, the guitar work is just sublime and really takes tonight  to another level for sure,we move onto –

Edge Of The Knife(Bonus Track) – This is a real groover track that just kicks in the doors and brings us a real funky full-on riff that is just on the money. The rhythm section gives us a pounding solid snare drum beat that is followed with bass kicks and cymbal snaps that really let this track cut loose, the slick cool guitar licks are tearing up the rule book as the boys give us a really fantastic piece of music that has just elevated this band to another level as it drives us one way then the next as we feel the energy pouring from each musician as they give us a real rock n roll soaked track that is sure to put a smile on lots of faces, we come to the last track of the night and boy oh boy is it a doozie –

Road To Hell – Bang and off we go with a shredding guitar shred that brings in a pounding rhythm section that lets this colossal rocker track come for us. The sizzling on-point vocals from Mr Drake are just opening this beast up as the cool foot-stomping groove really leaves its mark for sure, we are getting sweet meaty basslines that are really dropping a full-on groove that is just awesome. The solid snare drum punches are strong and direct and really give this track a full-on beat that lets this awesome opener kick in the doors are smack us straight in the face. The tempo changes pace midway through the track and lets John’s smooth melodic vocals really drive this killer track forward and for sure lets us know that John, Adam, Tony & Scott are most definitely back and then some, colossal pounding setlist defining track  that is the perfect way to end this blistering night of rock n roll in Glasgow.

The Dust Coda  –

                            John Drake  –  Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

                            Adam Mackie  –  Lead Guitar

                           Tony Ho  –  Bass

                           Scott Miller  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Rock n Roll Paradise

            Limbo Man

            Call Out The Dogs

            Come The Night

            Let Me Go

            Love Sick

            The Streets

            Free All The Dancers

            Since You’ve Been Gone

            The More It Fades

            Down In The Valley

            On Fire

            Edge Of The Knife             Road To nHell

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