Waking The Angels Single Release ~ Moment in Time

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Release Date 27th October

Review and photographs by Linda McDermott

Midland’s rock band Waking the Angels are releasing ‘Moment in Time’ the fourth single, from their up-and-coming debut album ‘We Are! The single is a classic rock tune about making time for the things that mean something to you and not being constantly drawn into the meaningless multitude of day-to-day distractions that can consume us, something we can all relate to these days.

The single is a laid-back melodic rock track written by band members Greg Dean & Michael Deeley. It’s not rushed and the clarity that Michael sings the lyrics adds to the emotional subject. It’s one of those tracks where the chorus gets firmly stuck in your head and is on repeat.

The band are working hard to get noticed and are playing a number of support slots and festivals over the coming months so check them out if you can. They will release one more single from the forthcoming album, both due for release in December, the date as yet not finalised. They have plans for an album launch party at The Station, Cannock on the 27th of January so if you can make it along……

They are:

Greg Dean – guitar/backing vocals.

Mike Deeley – vocals

Greg Ison – drums

Biff – bass/backing vocals.

Waking the Angels released their debut EP ‘Stand Back from The Red Line’ in December 2021. They released two singles from it, one being the title track and the other ‘You Know My Name’, a cover of the iconic song by the wonderful Chris Cornell, from the film, ‘Casino Royale’ check both out on the video links below.

Gypsy Queen https://youtu.be/OS_HiPyRLCI?si=aPMK3-1DjNZ0LSNR

Can You See Me Now https://youtu.be/QBuz4VjiQX0?si=4FducUcdgF-9eeP2

Stand Back From The Red Line https://youtu.be/unFdFzbVIr4?si=XcKVzi6yy6rrf7sk

You Know My Name (cover) https://youtu.be/xxDq-bueep0?si=-KvxjS1L8a_O3721

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