“Electrifying Performances Illuminate Dreamland: A Night to Remember with Saint Agnes, Blackgold, and Skindred”

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Review and Kit Foster photography

The energy of this gig was nothing short of incredible, and each band that graced the stage at Dreamland Ballroom brought their A-game. However, while the performances were outstanding, the venue itself could use some improvements, especially when it comes to its lighting. Throughout the night, there were moments when the bands on stage were barely visible, which was a bit disappointing. Additionally, the event got off to a somewhat rocky start with bands running late, leaving the crowd a tad impatient. Despite these drawbacks, the night was undeniably memorable.

The evening began with the opening act, Saint Agnes, who immediately set the tone with their assertive and powerful performance. As they launched into their first few songs, you could feel the bass reverberating through your feet and chest, creating a visceral connection with the audience. While it took a few moments for the crowd to warm up to this slightly heavier band, it didn’t take long for the vocalist to find her footing and captivate everyone in the venue.

Towards the end of their set, the vocalist leapt onto the barriers, inciting the crowd to shout her lyrics back at her. Saint Agnes, though relatively new, displayed remarkable energy and talent, leaving the audience with a strong impression.

Following a swift changeover, Blackgold graced the stage, dressed in Steampunk-inspired masks and black costumes adorned with gold lettering. Their stage presence and costume design were a perfect complement to their musical prowess.

As a NuMetal band, they offered an exciting blend of styles, even prompting the crowd to sing along to a few classic rap tracks. Blackgold’s lead vocalist was a whirlwind of energy, at one point managing to get himself tangled in his own microphone lead due to his enthusiastic stage antics. His connection with the audience was evident, and it was clear he was feeding off the crowd’s energy, adding to the electrifying atmosphere of the night.

Finally, the headlining act, Skindred, entered the stage with a mix of the Star Wars theme tune and an air of confidence that immediately captured the crowd’s attention. The band’s charismatic vocalist, Benji, had the audience in the palm of his hand, manipulating them like puppets on strings.

Skindred has a reputation for consistently delivering impressive performances and ensuring their fans have a fantastic time. They are not only grateful for their audience but also engage in a level of banter with fans that is rarely seen in the music industry. Skindred’s comfort in being themselves in front of their crowds is truly refreshing.

What sets Skindred apart is their humility, sense of humour, and, most importantly, their undeniable talent. Every band member contributes to their unique sound, which blends reggae and metal in a way that is difficult to find elsewhere. It’s a captivating fusion that keeps fans coming back for more, and every Skindred show is an event not to be missed.

In conclusion, despite some issues with the venue’s lighting and the initial delay in starting the show, the overall energy and talent on display during this gig were extraordinary. Saint Agnes, Blackgold, and Skindred each brought their unique style and left an indelible mark on the audience. While Saint Agnes showed great potential as a newer band with an incredible stage presence, Blackgold’s energetic performance and NuMetal vibes got the crowd moving.

Skindred, the headlining act, once again proved why they are a fan favourite, delivering a memorable show filled with humour, humility, and an exceptional blend of reggae and metal. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Skindred show, don’t miss it. Despite the venue’s shortcomings, the music and performances made this a night to remember for all in attendance.

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