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Review By Darren McIntyre

Philip Seth Campbell is a singer/songwriter/musician from Glasgow, Scotland is probably best known as the frontman for acts The  Temperance Movement & The Byson Family. Philip has been making music since 1997 and took a gamble when a London outfit approached him to front The Temperance Movement, Philip has been on the road constantly honing his craft but like all good things they must come to an end and in 2019 Philip left The Temperance Movement. A short while later he formed The Byson Family and they brought us Kick The Traces which gathered acclaim from all corners alike, as that ended Philip launched his solo project and with that came touring and performing and naturally an album. City Lights(named after the popular series) came at us in September and to mark the release Philip has hit the road tonight he stops off in his hometown to dazzle us with this exciting album with a mixture of tracks from his back catalogue and a cover that will blow your mind, please settle in as I take in this charismatic frontman as he brings us songs from City Lights and then some, the atmosphere is building and the place is packed as the sound dims and coming towards us is Philip Seth Campbell and band. From the moment he steps on stage you know we are in for something special tonight and if you missed it shame on you, first up comes the leading track from the album –

Magical West – The track bursts into life with effortless vocals that run freely through the intro as a cool deep bassline that controls the groove as this acoustic show comes to life. There are melodic keys that are littered throughout the arrangement and this adds to the depth of this wonderful piece of music that instantly transports us to another place as Ben on bass & Michael on keys deliver a cool rhythm section that just wraps itself around these magical vocals that are filling every space in this packed venue tonight. The crowd are really getting into their groove as the prodigal son struts his stuff on stage and you can tell that he is really enjoying himself as I watch the crowd sing along to this fantastic opener, we applaud and cheer as Philip thanks us for coming to see this wee guy from Glasgow which draws a huge round of applause, we slip straight into –

All The Way Down – There is something mesmerising about this musician as his gravelly vocals take us on a journey with him and the boys. Soothing deep delicious basslines work in harmony with clean synth tones that flow effortlessly through this classy piece of music, the whole track is just delivering thought-provoking tones that are held together with the soulful vocal attack that is pouring from the stage tonight. The boys are really hitting the mark as they drop epic bass grooves that come armed with killer keys that really work their magic and transport us with every note that is coming from the boys tonight, we listen as Philip chats about life on the road and the struggle to make music, pay the bills and keep your head above water which really delights the crowd, we step into –

Revelation – The track opens with smooth sweet acoustic picks with a deep bassline for company, smokey blues vocals come at us and set the scene as the boys hit their groove and really deliver with all they have. The boys are making it look easy tonight as they let the groove flow and let us feel the energy oozing from the stage as we are instantly taken with them as they flow freely with killer vocals that are wrapped in a sweet meaty bassline that tells us we are getting these boys to drive this colossal night onwards, this is a real heartwarming track that is given the respect it deserves as the boys just bounce off each other and let the deep groove tell it’s own story, the place erupts with applause and cheers as the crowd really feel they are part of this fantastic evening tonight, we roll into –

Only Love Can Live(The Byson Family) – The track opens with deep melodic basslines that give us the foundation for this classic Byson Family track. We are taking a trip down memory lane as Phil’s epic smooth vocals let us lose ourselves in this deep bluesy track as the boys dig deep and rework this fantastic piece to really suit this venue as we stand motionless as the boys give us sweet melodic tones that are steeped in fantastic keys that really let this arrangement work. The tone is smooth, delicious, and mesmerising as the boys just enjoy their musicianship as it pours effortlessly from the stage. The place is just buzzing from the quality that is coming at us tonight as one of their own delivers a faultless night of epic music that is certainly one of my acoustic gigs of the year for sure, we move on –

Chinese Lanterns (The Temperance Movement) – Ben steps forward and drops deep smooth basslines that roll through the intro as Phil’s smouldering vocals unleash a mellow tone that just lifts this crowd somewhat as we feel the melodic tones come at us. the keys are wrapping themselves around the track and holding it together as Phil & Ben bounce off each other and give us sweet tones that help us feel the emotion oozing from the stage tonight. This is a real crowd pleaser as the crowd is singing along and really getting into the funk element of tonight’s epic gig, Philip chats with us for a bit and again tells us that he is glad to be home and just loves spending the night with some of his favourite people in the whole world, we slide into –

Feel Again – Phil’s smouldering vocals come for us as this killer track unfolds with ease and the sweet acoustic strumming tones trickle through the arrangement. The emotions are flowing freely as the bass groove just takes us in another direction as we get lost in the classy vocals that are oozing from the stage, The boys are just delivering in spades tonight and this is showing on everyone’s faces tonight as we are smiling from ear to ear as Phil looks happy and relaxed which is just so good to see, the keys are just awesome as they add depth to the whole thing and just allows the boys to cut loose and really bring the noise tonight, we roll into –

Oblivion – The smouldering gravelly vocals get this epic track underway as the deep delicious bassline drops killer grooves that really open this track up. The sweet piano tones flow effortlessly through the whole piece as the mellow-laden blues-infused track opens up and allows us to feel the groove that is covering every inch of Mono tonight. Phil’s mesmerising vocals really drive this track forward as the effortless tone is really giving us a sense that he is getting into his groove and really digging deep tonight, we are moving at a rate of noughts tonight as we flow into –

Hasta Luego – We let ourselves get lost in this nostalgia trip as the boys open up and let the musicality take this track to another level for sure. smooth deep mellow bass and soulful piano tones really take us with them on this journey as we feel our toes tapping along to this real infectious beat. The place is just swaying from side to side as the boys drop killer notes all through the track that just put a huge smile on our faces as Phil’s smile just lights up the venue. The place is buzzing with the sheer quality of the tracks and the diversity that is on show tonight as we hurtle towards – 

Break The Curse – Phil’s melodic soothing bluesy vocals are the first thing that hits us tonight and this lets the arrangement unfold and take us to another place. The epic bassline drops phenomenal tones all through the track and this really gets the juices flowing for sure, Phil lets the lyrics do the talking as we feel every word as the boys deliver on every level tonight and give us that really warm fuzzy feeling in our stomach’s tonight that you really only get every once in a while, onwards to –

Sober Boy – The track begins with heavy haunting piano tones that lets Phil come in with soothing vocals that really tug at your heartstrings. Bass comes through and drops killer grooves that let this well-written sombre piece grab you and catch you unaware. The boys are really ramping up the tempo as the show goes on and they let us feel the energy that they are giving us as the track builds and builds to take us to another place and really capture the essence that each song brings to us. We are ploughing through the setlist as we stumble upon –

Riches – (The Byson Family) – Piano tones let this smouldering track unfold as the fantastic vocals drive us forward and just carve the arrangement wide open. Bass tones are handing us mellow groove beats as they wrap themselves around the gravelly vocals that are pouring from the stage tonight, the intensity of the composition is just sublime as the intricate notes just flow and let the boys do their thing. This is a real stand-out track for me that just pulls you in and lets you feel the magical tones and lyrics that are running through the venue tonight, we are hitting the business end of the show as Phil hits us with the title track –

City Lights – Phil tells us that the album was named after the popular tv show and he wanted Gerrard Kelly’s face on the cover but was turned down and this brought a huge cheer from the crowd. Tonight’s gig is a real fusion show as we get epic basslines oozing through the track and really setting the tone of this fantastic evening of acoustic strumming tones that are just steeped in colossal piano notes that instantly sooth the soul. The place is just rocking tonight as Phil and the boys have put on a terrific show that I am glad to say I was there, if you missed it shame on you, we rock up to –

Wrecking Ball Nights – Phil gives the boys a little break as he goes solo on the acoustic guitar and brings his strumming talents to tonight’s sold-out crowd. This is a track where I am glad to say I came to see this hometown boy really open up to us and bring emotion, intensity and depth to this classic track. We are fixed on the stage as Phil takes us on a journey that just melts us with the whole piece and what we feel from this charismatic frontman that is just awesome, we get a chance as Phil takes to the keys to bring us a classic Glasgow track in the form of – 

Tinseltown In The Rain(Blue Nile) – You instantly know the track as Phil’s soulful vocals take the arrangement to another level as we sing along to this classic track. The composition is just superb as we listen to every note pouring from the stage tonight, It is such a treat to hear this classic performed in the manner it is as we are just lost in the musicality that Phil brings to the venue tonight. The place is singing along and feeling the emotion that Phil is putting into the track and it is just an incredible arrangement that the boys would be proud of how Phil has presented it, last song of the night brings us –

Back Water Zoo – This ending track is a real foot-stomping bass-laden track that is wrapped in an epic vocal arrangement, this lets us know that Phil has come to his hometown and taken the roof off of Mono tonight as the place is feeling the love from the boys tonight. The depth of tone from the boys is epic and the acoustic strumming chords are sending us home happy and content that we have witnessed a true Glasgow legend as he laid himself bare tonight and poured his heart and soul into tonight’s performance.

Philip Seth Campbell  –

                                   Philip Seth Campbell  –  Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Keys

                                   Ben  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                                   Michael  –  Keys / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –

            Magical West

            All The Way Down


            Only Love Can Live

            Chinese Lanterns

            Feel Again


            Hasta Luego

            Break The Curse

            Sober Boy


            City Lights

            Wrecking Ball Nights

            Tinseltown In The Rain             Back Water Zoo

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