Toby Lee and his Band at the Tuesday Night Music Club.

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Review and photos by Ken Jackson

As I write this, Toby Lee and his Band are probably doing their sound check at the Appleyard in Sittingbourne which is the last venue on the last night of their 2023 tour. Well, I can happily tell the prospective audience at the Appleyard that they are in for a treat if last night at the TNMC is anything to go by. It was a capacity crowd last night at the TNMC, which is becoming more and more the norm, but was of course inevitable given the pedigree of Toby Lee and his Band.

I personally have followed Toby’s progress for the last eight years at least, with his weekly videos from home and watching him a few years ago at the Blues Awards in Worthing and more recently supporting Ana Popovic at The Old Brewery Store. Given that Toby is only 18 now that is a great history and I have only scratched the surface of what he has done and who he has supported…

Once introduced, Toby said the first set, would be previously recorded material and some covers with the second set dedicated to their imminent new album. Both sets seemed shorter than we are used to, however, that may have been due to the fact I was enjoying the band so much.

The band soon settled into their stride and the audience loved what they were hearing, four excellent musicians enjoying the music they were producing and the effect it was having on the very receptive audience. The first set over too quickly and after a short break, we were back and hanging onto every note that this talented band produced.

This new Album will be a belter for sure, judging by the response of the audience and myself. An ovation and an encore were called for and delivered before a mad dash to the merch stand for those disappointed by the size of the queue during the break. Playing with Toby tonight Joe Harris on Drums, Sam Collins on Bass and Chris Haddon on Guitar and Vocals

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