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Review By Darren McIntyre

Avenged Sevenfold are a heavy metal outfit from Huntington Beach, California originally formed in 1999. The boys are known for their diverse rock sound that really takes the listener on a journey, the boys have given us 7 studio records and today have released their 8th offering Life Is But A Dream and from that comes their killer new single Mattel which is a tip of the hat to the crazy plastic dolls. The boys have just kicked off the 2nd leg of their American tour with Falling In Reverse & Kim Dracula, please sit back as I walk us through this infectious new single.

Mattel – From the outset, we get a shredding power-riffed guitar intro that walks perfectly with a cool bass kick that lets this pounding beast come to life. The theatrical piece has depth, attitude, and direction as the boys tip the hat to the plastic world of dolls, the arrangement takes us one way and then the next as the killer groove gets the juices flowing as the rhythm section hits us with solid snare drum beats that welcome cymbal crashes that control the direction of this awesome piece. The vocals are a mixture of clean and growler tones that are mixed with awesome tones that are hit with furious double bass drum kicks that really take this track to another place. The whole piece really takes the listener on a journey as we are thrown one way and then the next as the drama unfolds with the melodic vocal that flows effortlessly through this haunting number, we get killer piano tones that just elevate this number to another level as it leaves us wanting more for sure.

Avenged Sevenfold  –

                                 M Shadows  –  Lead Vocal / Piano

                                 Synyster Gates  –  Lead Guitar / Co-Lead Vocal

                                 Zacky Vengeance  –  Rhythm Guitar

                                 Johnny Christ  –  Bass

                                 Brooks Wackerman  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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