Troy Redfern – Getaway – Single Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Troy Redfern is undoubtedly the king of the slide guitar who has certainly shown us that he deserves the recognition bestowed upon him recently. Last year saw him hit the road with the likes of The Sweet When Rivers Meet, The Quireboys & Robert Jon & The Wreck to name but a few. Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed album Wings Of Salvation & his winning HRH’s Blues Artist Of The Year & appearances at Steelhouse, Maid Of Stone & RAWA Blues Festivel  Troy brings us his stunning new single Getaway. Troy will be showcasing this incredible new track as he heads out on the road as a special guest to the awesome guitar legend Philip Sayce, please settle in as I walk us through this fantastic new single.

Getaway – A punchy snare drum kick pours from the track as the deep bass kicks let this shredding gritty vocal-led track come to life. A meaty bassline is handing us funk-laden hits as this sizzling track really shifts up the gears and lets us know that Troy is coming at us, we have gravelly rasping vocals that fit this arrangement perfectly as Troy goes about his business and really bring this track to life with his usual swagger. The rhythm section hits us with solid grooves that really compliment the funky bassline that is handing us killer grooves that just allow the whole composition the room it deserves to open and soar as the piece just kicks in the doors with its raw edgy energy that erupts from this awesome musician as again he delivers epic riffs and a soulful solo that is what we have come to know and love this geezer for.

Troy Redfern  –

                       Troy Redfern  –  Slide Guitar / Vocals

                       Keira Kenworthy  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                       Nicky Waters  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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