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REVIEWER – GRAEME WRIGHT I didn’t see this coming! I remember hearing Gothony in the nineties via a couple of promo tapes back in my fanzine writing days. I liked them a lot as they combined Goth music, Heavy Metal and gruffer-edged vocals, but all the while they retained both melody and [more…]

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Live Reviews

“Extreme Unleashes Electrifying Energy: A Thrilling Live Experience at O2 Academy, Glasgow”

Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Scott Anderson Extreme is a hard rock band from Malden, Massachusetts originally formed in 1985 when Messrs Cherone & Bettencourt got together and started writing songs. They caught the attention of A & M who signed them on the spot, they delivered their debut album in [more…]

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Florence Black postponed album release to 2nd February

Rising rock trio Florence Black has postponed the release of their upcoming second album BED OF NAILS, due to an exciting opportunity. Originally scheduled for release this Friday, BED OF NAILS will now be released on 2nd February 2024.  The band commented: “Due to some exciting developments behind the scenes, we’ve decided to postpone the release date to 2nd [more…]

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TESSERACTS Redefines Celldweller’s “Shapeshifter” in a Genre-Defying Remix

TESSERACTS, a Polish duo known for their daring musical experimentation, has unleashed an electrifying remix of Celldweller’s “Shapeshifter” (feat. Styles Of Beyond), challenging the boundaries of musical genres and delivering a sonic experience that defies conventional norms. In this audacious reinterpretation, TESSERACTS blends elements of electronic and hip-hop genres, creating a sonic [more…]