“Omen of Self-Discovery: Of Virtue’s Raw Metalcore Journey”

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Of Virtue New Album full review

Review by Bracken Hake

Of Virtue, the Michigan-based metalcore band has released their latest album, “Omen,” and it’s a tremendous record from start to finish. Of Virtue, is known for its strong combination of melodic melodies and devastating breakdowns. The album begins with “Hypocrite,” a fiery and direct piece that quickly sets the tone for the remainder.

Virtue’s thunderous guitars, forceful drumming, and guttural screams make it plain that they are not here to play it safe. “Sinner” maintains the intensity and demonstrates the band’s ability to generate a head-banging environment. The album’s title track, “Omen,” is a 3:31-second voyage through a spooky and ambient environment demonstrating the band’s dynamic range. The clear vocals and soaring melodies contrast wonderfully with the powerful orchestration, resulting in a hauntingly compelling experience.

The inclusion of “Floating” starring Rory Rodriguez gives the record a distinct flavour. Rodriguez’s vocals combine flawlessly with Of Virtue’s trademark sound, resulting in an emotionally intense and harmonic partnership. Tracks like “Holy” and “True Colours” from the album’s second half continue to provide strong riffs and lyrics with emotional depth. With a combination of uncompromising anger and emotional reflection, “False Idols” takes the album to a dramatic finale.

“Omen” digs into themes of self-exploration and introspection, going beyond sheer physical might and anger. The words of the song deal with personal challenges, inner unrest, and the search for self-identity, providing the audience with a truly touching and modern trip. On this album, Of Virtue’s musicianship is at its best. Guitarists demonstrate their technical abilities with elaborate solos and massive riffs, while the accuracy of the rhythm section keeps the tunes grounded and forceful. The vocals alternate between violent screams and melodic cleans, striking the right combination of anger and passion.

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