Promethium’s Fifth Album Unleashed: A 2023 Revival of NWoBHM Mastery

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Promethium’s Monumental Return: “Bleeding the Ghost” Unveiled

In the world of heavy metal, evolution and growth are paramount for any band striving to make a lasting impact. For the Lancaster-based quintet, Promethium, their highly anticipated fifth album, “Bleeding the Ghost,” is a testament to their musical evolution and a thrilling homage to the iconic New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) era. With a fresh lineup and three years in the making, this album is the culmination of relentless effort and passion.

From the very first moments of the album, it becomes apparent that “Bleeding the Ghost” is a sonic experience unlike anything else. The standout difference between this record and the NWoBHM classics of the 80s lies in the sound quality. The production is extraordinary, with a crisp and powerful mix that enhances the music’s impact.

The album commences with the mesmerizing instrumental track “Goat.” It starts with ethereal guitar work that gradually evolves into the powerhouse that “Bleeding the Ghost” represents. The transition into the title track is seamless, and the song maintains its relentless force, setting the stage for the musical journey that awaits. The dual guitars on display channel the spirit of legendary guitar duos like Smith/Murray and Downing/Tipton, all while cloaked in the brilliance reminiscent of bands like Angelwitch.

True to Promethium’s signature style, the album features another war-themed epic in “Priest.” The opening riff pierces through your core, leaving your ribcage vibrating with its sheer intensity. As the song progresses, the thundering bassline and powerful drumming complete the package, making it a certified classic in the making.

For those expecting a cosy mystery tale like Angela Lansbury’s “Murder, She Wrote,” you’re in for a shock. “Murder She Wrote” is a ferocious onslaught of guitars that would leave even the famed detective rendered incapable of solving any murder mystery, let alone remembering her own name. The intensity and aggression of this track are palpable.

“Healing Your Sin” is a standout moment on the album, starting with an exceptional build-up that climaxes into a relentless musical beast. The metronome needle goes haywire, making this song a maniacal masterpiece in its own right.

“Diverging from the NWoBHM vibe, “Knives Out” takes a different direction with its guitars, revolutionizing the song structure. It’s a contemporary, hard-hitting track with punctuated lyrics brimming with anger and vehemence. A clear standout in the album, it showcases Promethium’s versatility and willingness to explore new sonic territories.

“Manhattan” is a track that transports you back to the early Maiden days, a song that feels tailor-made for a vocalist like Paul Dianno. James Candlin, the band’s vocalist, channels every emotion into his delivery, while Dan Lovett-Horn and Andy Haworth’s dual guitars squeeze out every conceivable emotion from their fretboards. It’s an epic masterpiece that could serve as the perfect backdrop for Oppenheimer’s visions of destruction.

“Catfish” introduces newcomer Stu Gordon’s drumming skills in a spectacular way. The song serves as a musical narrative about who to avoid, and it will have you nodding your head in recognition, as we’ve all encountered such individuals in our lives. Like the rest of the album, it’s a relentless onslaught of power and emotion.

The album concludes with “My Fate,” a track that opens with haunting keys and strings, immediately setting the stage for a journey into the depths of tension and foreboding. The song is dark, profoundly so, much like the infamous Spinal Tap album cover; there’s nothing darker. Keys and strings intermittently offer a glimmer of hope amidst the foreboding, but as the track delves deeper, even that hope fades, leaving acceptance as the only solace. Musically, it’s arguably the most profound composition on the album, exuding a divine yet devilish shroud of despair.

In summary, Promethium’s latest offering, “Bleeding the Ghost,” is nothing short of a masterpiece. The infusion of fresh talent into the band has added depth and enriched their sound. Coupled with exceptional songwriting, this album easily stands as the band’s best work to date. The evolution and growth showcased here are a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft, and “Bleeding the Ghost” is a monumental return that solidifies their place in the annals of heavy metal history. With this album, Promethium has set a new standard for themselves and delivered an opus that will resonate deeply with their fans and beyond.

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