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Sons Of Liberty – Turn This Tide

Review By Darren McIntyre

Sons Of Liberty are a blues/rock / americana band who have been delighting audiences up and down the UK & Europe since 2014. The boys have unleashed a new frontman in Russ Grimmett and with that comes a new album The Detail Is In The Devil due for release on February 23rd 2024. From that comes their blistering new single Turn This Tide which I will be reviewing for you today.

Turn This Tide – Fred kicks things off with a sweet clean guitar riff that sets the tone as we get to grips with this pounding new release. Russ comes in with his soulful gravelly vocals that really let us feel the full force of this thundering 5 piece rock n roll juggernaut as the groove builds and builds with every note that just smacks us in the face.

The rhythm section is hitting us with snare drum punches that run in harmony with deep bass kicks that are wrapped in shredding guitar licks that tell their own story, the track is a real rocking bluesy affair as the full-on bassline wraps itself around us and just drives this foot stomping rock n roll classic down the road.

Sons Of Liberty  –

                           Russ Grimmett  –  Vocals

                           Fred Hale  –  Guitar

                           Andy Muse  –  Guitar

                           Mark Thomas  –  Bass

                           Steve Byrne  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Turn This Tide 7

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