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COBRA SPELL, the 80s glam metal sensation fronted by a powerful female lineup, has set the music scene abuzz with their latest release, “The Devil Inside of Me.” This marks their second single, and it’s abundantly clear that the band is poised to captivate audiences with their unique fusion of music and aesthetics. Following the explosive debut of their music video for “S.E.X.,” which rapidly garnered an impressive 100k views, COBRA SPELL is back with another captivating creation that promises to enthral fans on both auditory and visual fronts.

At the heart of “The Devil Inside of Me” lies the exceptional songwriting prowess of Sonia Anubis, a rising star in the realm of guitar virtuosos and a founding member of the band. Her musical talent shines brilliantly on this infectious track, offering a tantalizing taste of what this exceptionally promising group has in store on their forthcoming debut album, “666,” scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, through Napalm Records.

However, “The Devil Inside of Me” transcends being merely a catchy tune; it weaves a narrative that adds a layer of depth to the music. Sonia Anubis sheds light on the song’s theme, which revolves around a girl’s journey to break free from the constraints of a stifling, religious upbringing.

In sum, COBRA SPELL’s “The Devil Inside of Me” is an enchanting addition to their ever-evolving repertoire. With Sonia Anubis’s exceptional guitar skills and the band’s infectious energy, they are confidently establishing their presence in the glam metal scene. The seamless blend of memorable melodies and a compelling storyline in this single is a must-listen for rock aficionados. It leaves us eagerly anticipating the release of “666” and the continued ascent of COBRA SPELL within the realm of rock ‘n’ roll.

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