The last Beatles song is out now

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“Now And Then,” the last Beatles song whose journey took five decades, is available for you today to listen to worldwide on your favourite streaming service as well as via download

The official music video for “Now And Then” is due to premiere tomorrow on YouTube, directed by the legendary Peter Jackson.    “When Apple asked me to make the music video, I was very reluctant – I thought my next few months would be a hell of a lot more fun if that tricky task was somebody else’s problem, and I could be like any other Beatles fan, enjoying the night – before-Christmas anticipation as the release of a new Beatles song and music video approached – in 1995, l loved the childlike excitement I felt as the release of ‘Free As A Bird’ was inching closer.    I could have that experience once again – all I had to do was say no to The Beatles…” 
– Peter Jackson
Red and Blue Remixed and Expanded

On 10th November, The Beatles 1962-1966 (Red) and The Beatles 1967–1970 (Blue) collections will be released in 2023 Edition packages with expanded tracklists. The collections will be available on 4CD, 3LP, and digital formats, as well as a 6LP vinyl collection pairing the albums in slipcased sets.

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