Killington Pit’s “Kill The King” – A Powerful Rock Collaboration with Legends

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Killington Pit, a band that emerged during the pandemic, has returned with a thrilling new single titled “Kill The King,” featuring rock music veterans Stef Burns (Alice Cooper/Huey Lewis & The News) on guitar and Terry LeRoi (Slaughter/Lynchmob/Vince Neil) on vocals and guitar. This new release, set for November 3, 2023, showcases the band’s incredible evolution and their ability to craft hard-hitting, unforgettable rock music.

The journey of Killington Pit is one rooted in the unique circumstances of the pandemic. Members of the band connected during the lockdown and, as time passed, they not only formed a core band with Terry LeRoi, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn, and Chuck Garric but also grew strong friendships. This organic bond is palpable in their music, as it adds an extra layer of authenticity and chemistry to their performances.

“Kill The King” follows their first single, “Balls To The Wall,” released in August 2023. The reception to their debut track has been nothing short of spectacular, with over 900,000 streams on Spotify and 250,000 views on YouTube. It’s a testament to their undeniable talent and the growing anticipation for their music.

“Kill The King” is a hard-hitting rock anthem that showcases the band’s ability to blend powerful instrumentals with a mesmerizing vocal performance. Terry LeRoi’s vocals bring a raw intensity to the song, perfectly complementing the driving guitar work by Stef Burns. The track is a bold statement from a band that’s determined to leave a lasting impact on the rock scene.

The song’s lyrics are enigmatic and captivating, adding depth to the overall experience. They invite listeners to delve into the music’s intricate layers and uncover the emotional intensity beneath the surface. “Kill The King” is not just a song; it’s a sonic journey that promises to resonate with fans of rock music and draw in new listeners with its irresistible energy and charisma.

In conclusion, Killington Pit’s “Kill The King” is a powerful testament to their growth and potential in the rock music world. With the addition of legendary musicians like Stef Burns and Jeff Blando, they have solidified their place in the industry and continue to capture the hearts of fans. The band’s meteoric rise and undeniable talent make them a force to be reckoned with, and “Kill The King” is a brilliant showcase of their prowess. Rock enthusiasts, get ready for a thrilling musical experience on November 3rd, 2023, as Killington Pit takes you on a wild ride with their new single.

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