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Review By Darren McIntyre

Luke Morley is guitarist / chief songwriter / producer of hard rock outfit Thunder and has been a member from 1989 with some breaks till the present day. Prior to that Luke was a member of Terraplane, The Union & Bowes & Morley and has given us a total of 21 albums throughout his illustrious career, leading on from his Luke has just given us his new album Songs From The Blue Room and this comes 22 years on from his first solo effort El Gringo Retro. From that awesome new album comes the soulful new offering Errol Flynn which I will be reviewing for you today.

Errol Flynn – The track begins with Luke strumming on high guitar with soothing acoustic chords flowing effortlessly through the intro. Luke’s vocals have a real gravelly country tone that really lifts this track somewhat as the toe-tapping groove really elevates this smouldering track, we are taken on a journey that lets us feel the emotion oozing from this fantastic smooth arrangement that just tells the story very well. Luke has this knack of really getting us to believe the lyrics as the cool bluesy piece really gives us the feeling that we are in this storyline as we are deep into the groove as snare drum punches work their magic as killer keys are littered throughout this well written colossal track that just sucks you in and lets you feel the cool acoustic strumming chords that compliment Luke’s fabulous vocals that really let this song breath.

Luke Morley  –

                     Luke Morley  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –

                      Errol Flynn

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