Motorhead – ‘Another Perfect Day’ Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition

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Rock ‘n Roll


Release Date – November 3rd 2023

Review by Smudge

There are a few albums that cause controversy like Motorhead’s sixth full-length ‘Another Perfect Day’. The first and only to feature former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. Lemmy said at the time that it would be more ‘musical’ Quite what he meant I don’t know – maybe it was a dig at the blues-based riffery of ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke. The previous album ‘Iron Fist’ didn’t do so well but like all early Motorhead albums they should be revisited on a regular basis because they’re all awesome.

Opening with, in my opinion, one of the best songs Motorhead ever wrote – ‘Back At The Funny Farm’. It rolls along like a runaway train and Robbo gives us all he’s got, and you can’t love the line ‘What was that injection coz I think it’s going wrong/I really like this jacket, but the sleeves are much too long..’. Poetry! ‘Shine’ is a power rocker of the first degree and of course, was released as a single. ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ kind of shows what Lemmy was talking about with probably the most melodic intro they ever recorded before they settle into a sleazy belter before the punky blast of ‘Rock It’ gets your hips moving. ‘One Track Mind’ brings the blues as does the title track which allows Robbo to play some different sounds than shit goes down on ‘Marching Off To War’.

The second single ‘I Got Mine’ has another ‘melody’ courtesy of Robbo’s pedal board then they get a dose of the rock n rolls on ‘Tales Of Glory’. ‘Die You Bastard’ is an absolute classic Motorhead rattler.

We get bonus cuts with another fine banger ‘’Turn You Round Again’ and the cover of blues standard ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ where Robbo shows his class. We get a live rendition of ‘(Don’t Need) Religion’ – doesn’t say where it was recorded, sounds like a studio jam to me. Then we get demo versions of ‘Shine’, ‘Die You Bastard’, ‘One Track Mind’ and an instrumental ‘Shine’ too.

Say what you like but I reckon this is up there with some Motorhead’s best work. All the bits are there. Philthy’s rabid rhythms, loads of nasty riffs and some superb solos plus the requisite bass/rhythm and hoarse vocals of Lemmy which are just as vitriolic and biting. This has been fully re-mastered, and the various issues come with loads of extras such as unreleased tracks with working

Track List –

1 – Back At The Funny Farm

2 – Shine

3 – Dancing On Your Grave

4 – Rock It

5 – One Track Mind

6 – Another Perfect Day

7 – Off To War

8 – I Got Mine

9 – Tales Of Glory

10 – Die You Bastard

Bonus tracks

11 – Turn Round Again

12 – Hoochie Coochie Man (live)

13 – (Don’t Need) Religion (live)

14 – Shine (demo)

15 – Die You Bastard (demo)

16 – One Track Mind (demo)

17 – Shine (instrumental demo)

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