Sodom – ‘1982’ EP Thrash Metal Review

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Release Date – November 10th 2023

German thrash legends have been busy re-recording some of their earlier tracks which, let’s face it, suffered from the production available at the time and no doubt finances were an issue too, but they did the best with what they had. Today, however, they have brought these tunes back to life thanks to a superb production from the band’s drummer Toni Merkel. These songs were originally written and recorded in 1982 and some were released on the band’s first demo and also included on future albums like ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’, and let’s just remember they were teenagers when they wrote and played the songs.

Kicking off with a re-mixed ‘1982’ which was released as a single last year. Not so much thrash as a solid beefy chunk of classic heavy metal until they change gears for the final ninety seconds and show what Sodom are all about – in-your-face bastard heavy pedal to-the-floor thrash! ‘Witching Hour’ gets the treatment and sounds glorious with the four-piece band and shows it still holds up then we get the doomy intro to ‘Victims Of Death’ before a classic Philthy drum rhythm and a Venomous riff kicks in for some pure evil rock n roll.

‘Let’s Fight In The Darkness Of Hell’ only appeared on a bonus CD from the band’s re-recorded compilation from last year and I’m glad they’ve included it on this EP because it’s an absolute banger that has retained its youthful energy and fuck you attitude! ‘Equinox’ is just pure evil and shows why Sodom is also revered by the death and black metal scenes.

Sodom have never shied away from their Motorhead/Venom influences, and they are more than evident here. The songs might be basic but that’s their beauty, nothing fancy just a good old-fashioned aural battering that has given these classic songs a new lease of life.

Track List –

1 – 1982 (Remix)

2 – Witching Metal

3 – Victims Of Death

4 – Let’s Fight In The Darkness Of Hell

5 Equinox

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