Spiritbox’s ‘The Fear of Fear EP’ – A Fearless Display of Musical Evolution

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Rise Records/Pale ChordRelease: 3 November 2023

Review by JMM

Spiritbox, the Canadian sensation dubbed “Metal’s hottest band” by Billboard, has unleashed their latest offering upon the world, ‘The Fear of Fear’ EP, available now via Rise Records/Pale Chord. Following their meteoric rise and the monumental success of their 2021 debut album ‘Eternal Blue,’ this 6-track EP is a bold declaration that Spiritbox is here to stay, innovate, and conquer the world of metal.

‘The Fear of Fear’ is a riveting journey through the dark, twisted corridors of the human psyche, artfully brought to life through Courtney LaPlante’s hauntingly ethereal vocals and the band’s trademark blend of metalcore, post-metal, and progressive elements. The EP features some previously released singles, such as “The Void,” “Jaded,” and “Cellar Door,” giving listeners a taste of the captivating sonic landscape that Spiritbox has meticulously crafted.

From the opening notes of “The Void,” you’re instantly drawn into a sonic maelstrom, a visceral experience that explores the depths of human emotion and psyche. Courtney LaPlante’s vocals are a powerful force to be reckoned with, transitioning effortlessly from melodic and angelic to guttural and aggressive. The EP takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the spectrum of human emotions, each track a unique chapter in the ongoing saga of Spiritbox’s creative evolution.

“Jaded” showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly fuse intense heaviness with melodic beauty, creating a dynamic contrast that keeps the listener on edge throughout. The interplay of guitar and drum work is nothing short of mesmerizing, while LaPlante’s lyricism delves deep into personal struggles and vulnerabilities.

“Cellar Door” closes out the EP with a haunting atmosphere that encapsulates the fear of the unknown, an anxiety that resonates with anyone who’s ever grappled with their own demons. Spiritbox’s penchant for crafting atmosphere and tension is on full display here, making it a standout track.

The production quality is top-notch, allowing every instrument and vocal to shine with clarity and precision. Spiritbox’s sound is rich and immersive, pulling you into their world with a blend of melodic finesse and raw, unrelenting power.

‘The Fear of Fear’ EP is a bold testament to Spiritbox’s growth and musical prowess. It reaffirms their position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene, and it’s clear they have no fear of fear itself. This is a captivating, exhilarating release that beckons fans and newcomers alike to join Spiritbox on their journey into the darkest corners of human emotion. With this EP, Spiritbox proves once again that they are not just hot – they are scorching, and their flame shows no signs of fading.

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