Tanith Live Ivory Black’s Palmer Turner Overdrive

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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Barry Douglas

Tanith is a 4 piece rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York with connections to Newcastle, England originally formed in 2017 whose mission was to keep the spirit & sound of the 70’s hard rock era alive and kicking.

The band released the aptly titled Another Time which instantly earned them cult status and firmly rooted them on the rock n roll map, the band like any other encountered COVID-19 and this with a member living in the UK made recording extremely difficult. Still, they soldiered on and came through the other side. The band have drafted in another top-notch shredder and the result is a new record Voyage which has been getting some serious airplay, with that in mind the band decided to crash the party and come out on tour and tonight they bring their 70’s juggernaut to Ivory Black’s in the heart of Glasgow. Please settle in as I run the rule over this classic 4 piece as they bring a touch of BOC, Wishbone Ash & Uriah Heep to the fine folk of Scotland, as the lights dim and the intro music fades the quartet take their place and immediately hit us with –

Mother Of Exile – As we get into this exciting outfit with the opening track we get a solid snare drum kick that sets the tone for tonight’s gig. There is a real 70’s feel to this piece as we get twin vocals that are running freely with the twin guitar assault as Russ & Dino tear up the stage and get us moving. The soulful melodic vocals that Cindy brings are just smooth with a really cool tone that it just settles us into the groove as a pounding rhythm section commands the groove from the back of the room as Keith is handing us heavy cool beats that let us know that Tanith are in the house and bringing their New York groove to Glasgow tonight, the crowd although small are making a racket as the band thank us for coming to greet them tonight, we stroll into –

Cassini’s Deadly Plunge – Cindy’s epic fingerwork gets this guitar-laden track off the ground as she works her bass with real precision as this slick groover comes to life. There is a real hint of Rush flowing through this track as the cool rhythm section brings sweet solid snare drum punches that are driven by a cool bass kick, we again get the well-oiled twin vocals that just wrap themselves around this gritty rocking track that brings sweet melodic riffs to Glasgow tonight. The guitar licks fill every corner of the room as we feel the energy oozing from the band tonight, there is a real swagger attached to this foot-stomping piece as the twin guitar assault continues as Russ & Dino take this track to another place as we feel the band gel and deliver tonight, I am just taken by the musicality on the show tonight and being that I have never heard or seen this outfit I am mightly impressed as we slip into –

Olympus By Dawn – Cool haunting guitar picks are coming at us as the band kicks on with this punchy psychedelic number that grabs you and gives you a mighty shake. The cool twin vocals are getting us all worked up as Russ & Cindy give us a taste of their fantastic partnership that is coming through tonight, we get cool snare drum punches that bring in cymbal snaps that take this track in another direction for sure. The melodic soulful guitar licks are just allowing this mesmerising track to build as the groove grabs us and takes us for a ride and lets the cool vocals soothe us with their intensity as it oozes from the stage tonight. This is a really cool track that again gives us elements of Rush which is a really nice compliment, we catch our breath as the guys have a chat with us and get some Glasgow slang from the really small but noisy crowd, we stroll into –

Architects Of Time – Keith gets us underway with a really heavy-ended intro that gives us a real rocking feel coming our way as the track springs into life with mellow cool basslines that let this track breathe. The cool vocals take us on the journey and let us feel the depth oozing from this rather cool outfit, we get slick cool guitar riffs that flow effortlessly through the track as it comes at us with all it has. The snare drum punches are letting the rhythm section take this track upwards as the whole arrangement just works, a fast and furious change-up kicks in as the rhythm section hits us with a mighty beat that is wrapped in slick, clean guitar licks that just drive this groove-laden track onwards for sure. The interesting vocals are just stopping us in our tracks as we feel the melodies pull us in, next up is –

Snow Tiger – Russ kicks off proceedings with sweet clean guitar licks that are just letting the tempo cut loose as the melodic riffs are kicking in the doors and letting us have it both barrels. The rhythm section comes alive with a real pounding snare drum beat that brings in cymbal crashes that let this epic track tell its own story, we are getting into these New York, Newcastle rockers as they twist and turn and get the tempo rising with each twist that comes our way. The twin vocals are just pure solid gold melodic tones as they bounce off each other and let the whole piece work before we get slick clean licks that take over and bring the noise to Glasgow tonight. We are getting a thundering rhythm section that is hitting us with twin bass kicks that just elevate this rocking monster to another level, we stroll into –

Falling Wizard – The first thing that hits you is the cool melodic vocals that pave the way for the slick cool guitar riffs that get us moving for sure. A funky full-on bassline is handing us deep grooves that just wrap themselves around this stomping-laden rock n roll epic piece, we are hitting full pelt let me tell you the band have smiles all over their faces as they are just enjoying the experience which is coming at them tonight as the rhythm section opens up and gives us solid snare drum rolls that are backed by killer cymbal crashes that just take us onwards before a phenomenal twin solo hits us and breathes fire into this awesome groover track as the cool vocals just flow freely through this fantastic arrangement, the crowd are getting into this well-oiled machine as they take us onto –

Wings Of The Owl(Galantia Pt 3) – A cool punchy full-on bassline drops fantastic grooves all over the intro as snare drum beats get this shredding guitar beast on the road. Russ comes in with strong full on melodic vocals that let Cindy bring her soulful tones that deliver this gritty rocker on a plate, a cool rhythm section hits us with bass kicks that bring a solid snare drum beat that chips in with awesome cymbal crashes that give this track real depth and energy. The tempo changes and takes the mellow tones along for the ride as the soulful twin vocals add real melody to this well-written cool arrangement, we have certainly been entertained tonight as the band are enjoying themselves as they drop killer tones all through this toe-tapping classy composition that just grabs you with all it has, we roll into the epic –

Never Look Back – The track opens with a sweet guitar lick that has snare drum punches for the company as the deep bass kicks let this track roar off into the distance. Cindy brings her fancy fingerwork to this juicy number as we feel the groove wash over us as this foot-stomping piece kicks in the doors and lets us have it. The fresh riffs and cool musicianship are something to behold as the whole band come together as Russ lets his melodic vocals run through this cool arrangement, the rhythm section is giving us sharp punchy tones that are a real shot in the arm for sure as this clever track just stops us in our tracks as the guitar work gets on with it and hits us with a slick clean lick that is on the money. This is a real stand-out track for me as the band have taken us on a journey that lets us know that I don’t think this will be the last we have heard or seen of Tanith, the band takes us through time with the incredible –

Adrasteia – Cindy comes in with haunting vocals that just unleash this fast and furious rock n roll track as quickfire licks pour through the intro as this pounding melodic track takes shape. Russ brings his soulful vocals that are ripping through the track as the snare drum punches fill the air and let us feel the energy oozing from the stage tonight as this rocking beast brings all the bells and whistles as the band give it to us. This is a really clever track that again brings flashes of Rush as the tempo reminds me so much of the boys but this has a slightly groovier tone that is just telling its own story, the band are hurtling towards the business end of their show and again thank us for coming out to see them play and that brings applause which puts a smile on their faces as we roll into – 

Citadel(Galantia Pt 2) – A rich dark groove with killer basslines gets this melodic rocker track on the move with sweet clean lines that are just fantastic. The rhythm section is driving this monster onwards as the groove just grabs us and lets us feel the melodies running freely through this fantastic track, the vocals are giving this arrangement a real soulful edge as Cindy & Russ combine so well together as this foot-stomping piece is building and building as the tempo changes pace and gives us a sweet cool tone that changes with a slick guitar riff that is smothered in epic drum beats that are followed by full-on vocals as Cindy takes control of this classy composition as we near the end of our evenings entertainment we flow into –

Under The Stars – A real meaty funk groove erupts from the stage as the sweet melodic guitar licks let this deep meaty rock n roll track make itself known. The bassline is just awesome as it controls the direction of this classic track that again brings in the twin vocal assault that is just fantastic, Russ lets loose and hits us with a sweet clean solo that is wrapped around well-driven basslines that controls the groove of this epic arrangement. The tempo changes pace again as slick clean guitar licks pour from the stage as Dino & Russ bounce off each other and shred this place with ease as the track just kicks off with snare drum punches that let the whole piece take us to another place to feel the energy and depth from this exciting band, we come to the last track of what has been a real eye-opening gig for me as the crowd show their appreciation for this quartet we get the awesome track –

Flame – Sweet guitar licks let this funky groover spring into life as Cindy’s awesome soulful vocals make themselves known to us. The rhythm section is pounding away and giving this track depth as the slick punchy snare drum beats give this track such a cool feel, we get Russ giving us sweet melodic vocals that are wrapped in a cool funk-laden bassline that is holding this arrangement together for sure. The partnership between Cindy & Russ is just incredible as they deliver a cool soulful feeling to this awesome piece that has us stamping our feet to the infectious tones that are held together with the fantastic rhythm section as it throws us solid snare drum beats that come armed with epic cymbal crashes that just brings this gig to a fantastic end.

Tanith  –

            Russ Tippins  –  Vocals / Guitar

            Dino Destroyer  –  Guitar

            Cindy Maynard  –  Vocals / Bass

            Keith Robinson  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Mother Of Exile

            Cassini’s Deadly Plunge

            Olympus By Dawn

            Architects Of Time

            Snow Tiger

            Falling Wizard

            Wings Of The Owl(Galantia Pt 3)

            Never Look Back


            Citadel(Galantia Pt 1)

            Under The Stars


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