Dirty Sound Magnet – Live Review – Audio Glasgow

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland who have been delivering psychedelic power-driven groove-laden music to the masses since 2008. The boys take us on an acid-inspired trip through the ages with their take on the sampler sound of cool music with a twist that has garnered them thousands of fans all over the world. I have seen these boys several times now and each time they just get better and better as they stretch their inspiring sound to bring us the best of prog/psych and blues rock that will shake us with all its might as the boys put us through our paces that leaves us wanting more. Audio is packed to the rafters and we are squashed in like sardines as the boys hit the stage and kick things off with their awe-inspired intro –

Let’s Mediate, Let’s contemplate, Let’s Copulate, Let’s Celebrate – The intro erupts from the stage like a theatrical story as Stavros kicks of the night with this sizzling guitar-laden intro that really lifts the roof off of Audio tonight as the boys warm us up for a night if psychedelic / prog/blues rock that is just gonna blow our minds for sure, as the place gets it’s groove on and the boys drive their colossal power driven rock n roll juggernaut straight through the heart of Glasgow we are ready to go, we set ourselves up as the boys kick into action with –

The Tragedy Of Men – Slick sweet guitar picks are coming at us as the snare drum raps get the rhythm section pumping as the soulful melodic vocals run smoothly through the opening track as the boys settle themselves in as this swelling Glasgow crowd really ramp up the atmosphere as they are bellowing out to get the boys to bring the heat. The epic bassline is handing mellow tones that fit together with this funky foot-tapping opener that is just twisting us one way and then the next, the boys are in a joyful mood as I catch their eye from the side of the stage to let them know I am here, the place erupts with joy as we roll into –

Dreaming In Dystopia – The track kicks in with sweet cool guitar licks as the deep full-on bassline drops sweet grooves that just settle us into the groove. The sampler tones running freely through the track are just awesome as Maxime on the skins is watching every move the boys make as this funk-laden psychedelic blues-infused piece unfolds and really delivers where they left off in Glasgow the last time. The tempo changes direction several times as this soulful melodic soulful track comes at us in waves the groove takes us in several different directions that are simply breathtaking to watch, the boys are tight and full on as Stavros bounces around the stage like a coiled spring and is pulling weird faces that just delights the crowd even more, we slip into –

Flowers, Angels & Chaos – Stavros kicks things off with a real groovy sultry guitar lick that oozes depth, attitude and plenty of sass as the track opens and really hits us with a smooth sweet funky groove. The deep pulsing bassline is giving us a real cool feel as it works well with the whole arrangement as the track comes to life with a toe-tapping funk-laden feel that instantly puts us at ease as we know we are in good hands tonight. The sweet punchy rhythm section is handing us simple but effective snare drum punches that are wrapped in a cool cymbal beat that just lets this track sail along and really pull us in and spit us back a this funky groove track delivers in spades, catch our breath as we dive into the back catalogue as the boys bring us –

Toxic Monkeys – The rhythm section comes at us with really cool solid snare drum punches that work with bass kicks that let this track open and breathe. Bass chords are coming through and bringing mellow soulful grooves that are just on the money, vocals are bringing a cool almost talking vibe that really suits this cool arrangement that hits us with wave after wave of sounds that are a real psychedelic feel that incorporates sizzling gritty riffs that are wrapping themselves around this cool little track that has cymbal crashes running all through the end piece, the crowd really raise the roof for this one as we just take these boys to our hearts. This is a funkadelic groove beast that just goes and goes for sure, we move onto a killer track –

Social Media Boy – Cymbal snaps bring this awesome track to life as snare drum punches come through and let this track breakthrough. Bass chords are hitting us hard with full-on melodic funk grooves that are bringing the attitude as this real funk groover tells its own story. Guitar licks are wandering freely through this solid thundering beast that has rasping vocal tones that balance out this psychedelic groove arrangement that is just taking us to the next level, we are powering through this impressive set and loving every minute of this blistering psych-filled rock extravaganza that is being played out before us, we are coming through with –

Nobody’s Fault But Mine – This epic track really kicks in the doors as the boys are revved up and rearing to go as the place is buzzing with sheer excitement. The air is thick with the psychedelic grooves that are pouring from the stage as the boys deliver a no-nonsense beat that has us standing open-mouthed as Stavros, Marco & Maxime really take it up a notch as this exciting melodic track just builds and builds as we feel the energy pulsing through us tonight. We are getting sampler tones, weird vocals and plenty of epic musicianship as the boys take us on a thrill ride which won’t let us get off for sure and I am not sure we want to, the boys pause for a minute and thank us for our support that just raises the tempo even more as every time they come to town we just want them to stay even longer, we roll into –

Utopia – A cool snare drum roll kicks things off as Maxime brings the groove to Glasgow tonight Stavros’s soulful melodic vocals let this track kick us straight in the face with its swirling tones that have us tapping our toes to this classy piece. The boys are holding us in the palm of their hands as Catherine joins the boys to hit us with her tambourine skills and killer backing vocals that just get the place rocking for sure, these are new tracks from their epic new offering Dreaming In Dystopia which picks off where we left off in 2022 with DSM III. The crowd are singing along and this just elevates the party mood that these three amigos bring when they are in town, we roll into a real crowd favourite with –

Mr Robert – This track oozes into the venue as killer picks flow effortlessly through the track as a killer deep-funking bass line really delivers this fantastic arrangement with ease. This is a real slow-paced groove track that just awakens the senses as soulful vocals are coming at us and really balance out this incredible piece of music. Bass tones  are just throwing down epic grooves that just wrap themselves around this infectious piece of music, guitar licks are springing out all over the place as this slick gritty rocking beast just erupts with clean grooves that are held together with nice solid rhythm section that just brims with confidence and really allows this track to transport us to another place as we feel the groove build and build and let these boys really open this bad boy up and show us what they are made of, this is a real stand out track for me that just captures these boys at their best, the crowd clap loudly and cheer with joy as the boys again thank us for coming out and showing them some love, we are taken straight into –

The Sophisticated Dark Ages –  Sweet clean chords are making themselves known as deep on bass lines drop meaty funk grooves that allow this fantastic arrangement to come to life. We get snare drum raps that have depth and attitude as bass kicks wrap this whole epic piece of music into a sizzling rocker track that just takes us on a journey. The music is constantly changing direction as each layer is peeled away to reveal a new groove that is just captivating us with every sound that is heading our way, this is a real crowd-pleaser for sure as the solid sizzling grooves just get higher and higher as this pounding beast changes direction and just lets us have it and then some, as the boys take the applause we are hollering at the top of our lungs as we reach the belter that is  –

Home Economics – Coming at us from the off are cool sampler tones that are infused with dark lyrics that are all wrapped in cool snare drum punches that are steeped in bass kicks and cymbal snaps that let this funky groove-laden monster open and flow. The slick shredding guitar licks echo all around us as we move our feet to this infectious funk beat that is wrapped in cool basslines that hit us with dark grooves that work well in this epic arrangement. The boys are hitting full pelt as Stavros takes off his shirt and really rocks out as he is throwing shapes all over the stage and really getting us whipped up into a frenzy, the cool guitar tones are really getting us all worked up as we really get into this melodic psychedelic groover that is giving and giving with no let-up, we let out roars of approval as the boys take us onto the epic beast that is –

Insomnia – A real sobre guitar pick wanders into the track as Stavros brings his soulful tones to this epic arrangement that is just ready to erupt with all its might. We are watching intently as the boys bring in the sweet backing vocals as the rhythm section brings in cymbal rolls that are wrapped in funky-laden basslines that just deliver this track to us on a plate with ease. The guitar licks intensify as we feel the pulsing funk element ease through the track and just deliver a real psychedelic groove that is letting this place know Dirty Sound Magnet are in the house and don’t we know it, this is a real punchy pounding piece that also brings us epic vocals from all three boys as they give it to us as we stand in awe as we feel the funk groove wrap itself around us, we are nearing the end of this epic gig and don’t want it to end for sure as they drive us onwards with the colossal –

Body In Mind (Medley with Meet The Shaman, Sunday Drama – The track comes hurtling towards us with crisp clean guitar licks that are covered in delicious funk grooves as the rhythm section hits us from all sides. The tempo is a real melodic dark space that takes us on the journey with the boys as they unleash their power-funked edgy groove on this fired-up Glasgow audience as we just feel the love oozing from the stage tonight. The killer basslines are dropping sweet soulful tones all over this psychedelic monster as the tone, definition, depth and direction all hit us at once as these boys just unleash the beast we feel the power oozing from these three boys as they take us through our paces and just set this place on fire with their electrically charged current that is flowing into the hall tonight. The rhythm section is just giving us cool tones with attitude as Maxime offloads with ease as he leads into a full-on drum solo that is laden with cymbal snaps, bass drum punches, and snare fills that really elevate this track to another level. The slick cool guitar licks are wrapping themselves around this punchy full-on groove arrangement that brings in sampler tones that just give this piece a real edgy funk effect this is just incredible, what a show these boys put on and they never disappoint.

 Pounding bass kicks release the beast as this deep pounding rocker track opens with slick clean picks that wander through the intro with ease. Bass chords are dropping sweet deep plundering grooves that allow this track to just come to life and really showcase these boys as they hit us with real psychedelic grooves that raise the roof as the boys take us through our paces and really hit us with thundering riffs and solid rhythms that are just fantastic and it really shows as the crowd holler at the top of their voices and let the boys know that they are giving us a real cool evening, The audience holler out as the boys thank us for coming out and keeping music alive

Stavros brings acoustic picks to life with precision that instantly lights up this venue, cymbal rolls bring the rhythm section into focus as bass chords make themselves known as they drive this energetic melodic powerhouse track that twists us one way and then the next as the whole arrangement brings us smooth as silk grooves that fit perfectly with bass kicks that work the rhythm section to a tee. Snare drum punches fill the air as this harmonious piece comes through with rasping vocals that just wrap themselves around this fantastic opener, as we revel in the beauty of this terrific trio

Dirty Sound Magnet  –

                                  Stavros  –  Guitar / Vocals

                                  Marco  –  Bass / Vocals

                                  Maxime  –  Drums / Vocals

Setlist  –

            Tragedy Of Men

            Dreaming In Dystopia

            Flowers, Angels & Chaos

            Toxic Monkeys

            Social Media Boy

            Nobody’s Fault But Mine


            Mr. Robert (With Bass Solo)

            The Sophisticated Dark Ages

            Homo Economicus


            Let’s Mditate, Let’s Contemplate, Let’s Copulate, Let’s Celebrate

            Body In Mind(Medley With Meet The Shaman, Sunday Drama)

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