Terrorvision’s 30th Anniversary Show at St Georges Hall, Bradford: A Night to Remember

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Review and photos by Paul McWilliams

On the crisp and cold night of November 3rd, the historic St Georges Hall in Bradford played host to a sold-out crowd, all eagerly gathered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Terrorvision. With anticipation in the air, this promised to be a night to remember, and it didn’t disappoint.

The atmosphere inside the venue was electric even before the band took the stage. The crowd’s excitement was palpable, and you could sense the energy building up as the moment of the performance drew near. When the first chords struck and Terrorvision started their set, the entire place exploded with energy.

The set began on a high note, and the crowd’s response was nothing short of euphoric. From the get-go, it was evident that this show was going to be a special one. The band’s on-stage presence was magnetic, and they commanded the audience’s attention from the very start. Tony Wright, in particular, was a ball of energy, constantly in motion and exuding a vibrant stage presence that had the crowd on their feet.

The first moment of sheer magic occurred when Terrorvision launched into the beloved classic, ‘Tequila.’ The entire place erupted in joy, and it felt like a collective celebration of the band’s illustrious career. The enthusiasm and sing-alongs from the audience reached a fever pitch as they seamlessly transitioned into ‘Alice What’s the Matter.’ The St Georges Hall became a sea of swaying bodies and beaming smiles, reflecting the pure joy of the moment.

As the evening progressed, Terrorvision demonstrated its musical versatility. They slowed things down with the soulful ‘Some People Say,’ prompting the audience to light up the venue with their lighters and phone lights. It was a beautiful, more intimate moment in the midst of all the high-energy rock, showcasing the band’s ability to connect with their fans on multiple emotional levels.

Tony Wright’s unrelenting energy was one of the defining features of the night. His boundless enthusiasm, jumping, and bouncing around the stage were infectious, and it was clear that he was savouring every moment. His engagement with the audience was a highlight, and it created a strong rapport between the band and their fans.

The setlist for the evening was a testament to Terrorvision’s enduring appeal and their extensive catalogue of hits. From classics like ‘Jason,’ ‘Fists of Fury,’ and ‘Three Wishes’ to fan favourites such as ‘Celebrity Hit List’ and ‘Problem Hit List,’ the band delivered a dynamic performance that catered to long-time fans and newcomers alike.

The band’s energy was unwavering as they charged through the setlist, infusing each song with their signature blend of rock and alternative sounds. ‘If I Was,’ ‘Bad Actress,’ and ‘Don’t Shoot My Dog’ were delivered with a ferocity that demonstrated the band’s musical prowess.

Terrorvision continued to engage the audience with ‘Pretend Best Friend,’ ‘My Home,’ ‘Middleman,’ and ‘Oblivion,’ maintaining a high level of excitement and camaraderie throughout the show.

As the night neared its climax, the band’s performance of ‘Josephine’ was a powerful moment that underscored their ability to create emotional connections through music. The audience sang along in unison, and it felt like a shared experience, a testament to the enduring impact of the band’s music.

The main set concluded with ‘D’YA Wanna Go Faster?’ leaving the audience on a high, but the night was far from over. The encore was a fitting end to this extraordinary celebration. ‘This Drinking Will Kill Me’ and ‘Perseverance’ provided a final burst of energy that left everyone in the venue exhilarated and satisfied.

In conclusion, Terrorvision’s 30th-anniversary performance at St Georges Hall in Bradford was an unforgettable night of music and celebration. The band’s dynamic and energetic performance, combined with a setlist that spanned their illustrious career, made it a highlight of the year for fans in attendance. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of their music and the unbreakable connection between Terrorvision and their dedicated fan base. Here’s to another 30 years of rocking out with Terrorvision!

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