Bison Hip – Live @ Hard Rock Cafe – Shock City productions

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Bison Hip are a rock/blues/country quintet from Glasgow that was born from a chance meeting that led to Zoom calls that brought these 5 boys together. The cool thing about this outfit is that they are all over fifty except Steven who clocks in at a spritly forty(just a boy), the boys have given us EP Dear Green’s & Blues & their stonking album Older, Stronger, Better. I must confess that this is my first time casting my eyes & ears over this exciting outfit and I cannot wait to get engulfed in this exciting project that is creating quite a buzz. The place is buzzing with excitement and is filling up rather nicely as the boys enter the stage like 5 gladiators ready to do battle, as they check their gear and get the house PA turned down we are ready – 

If you’re seeking a night of unforgettable rock ‘n’ roll and a musical journey that resonates deep within your soul, Bison Hip is the band to experience. As the crowd filed into the legendary Hard Rock Cafe, little did they know that they were about to embark on a sonic adventure like no other.

Bison Hip’s performance was nothing short of electrifying. From the moment they hit the stage, they commanded the room with their raw energy and undeniable stage presence. Each member of the band was a master of their craft, and their collective synergy was awe-inspiring. The lead singer’s raspy yet melodic voice cut through the air like a lightning bolt, and the guitar riffs were a testament to the enduring power of rock ‘n’ roll. The rhythm section held the audience in an irresistible groove, making it impossible not to move to the music.

The night begins with the colossal shredding power-driven beast that is “Nothing More” with its solid snare drum beats that fill every corner of the Hard Rock Cafe tonight and really get this night of Blues / Rock Country on the go. The place immediately sits up and takes notice as the boys hit the ground running and get us moving from the very first note that oozes from the stage.

The boys are quite amazed by the reaction that comes back from this rather excited crowd but let me tell you they are ready to entertain for sure as this rhythm section hits us with epic keys that bring the groove to this fantastic outfit tonight, we roll into the next banger in the form of –

“See You In The Next Life” begins with a shredding gritty guitar riff that brings in bass kicks that are armed with a sweet cool cymbal snap that gives us a cool groove. The soulful gravelly vocals are fitting this arrangement perfectly as the whole track just wraps itself around us and gives us a great big hug as the boys are really enjoying themselves as the crowd ramps up the heat. The bassline is handing us mellow funk tones that just take this track in another direction for sure, the place is rocking for sure as the cool synth tones flow and really get this foot-stomping blues eruption moving.

“The One That Got Away” opens with a real bluesy groove that has melodic synth tones that give this track depth as it builds and builds with ease. Paul’s incredible vocals let the tone fill us with ease as the track opens and hands us sweet meaty basslines that are deep with soul this rock ballad really takes shape as the boys are really gelling and giving us a classy well-oiled performance that is really blowing me away, we are standing watching these 5 dudes taking the Hard Rock Cafe to task as they throw everything at us and more, we stroll into –

“Mercy” Punchy snare drum beats fill the air as the slick rasping guitar licks pour from the stage as the boys hit us with a real toe-tapping beast that has fantastic cool vocals that are doing their thing. The bassline wraps itself around this soulful melodic track as we really feel the energy oozing from this swelling crowd as they just take these boys to their hearts, the classy keys section adds real depth to tonight’s proceedings as the blues, and the country feel is alive and well in Glasgow tonight. Killer guitar riffs effortlessly flow through the main vein of this track as deep meaty bass grooves hit us and hit us hard before we flow into –

“New Town” The tempo is taken down a notch or two as this classy piece comes at us with incredible soulful vocals as Paul really digs deep and brings the groove. The snare drum taps really take this track to another place as the whole arrangement really pops with sweet clean guitar licks that tell their own story as the place is silent and really feeling the soft delicious tones that are flowing freely through Glasgow tonight, the killer bass is giving us depth, attitude, direction and soul as we skip into a colossal riffed guitar solo that just gets us sitting up and taking notice of this well-oiled machine that is laying itself bare for us tonight, we stroll onto –

“O Lord” Slick gritty guitar shreds are coming at us with a sweet rhythm section that is controlling the tempo as this foot-stomping beast awakens and rears its head. The addition of the keys is incredible as the full-on blues eruption takes shape and just lets these boys do their thing, the whole arrangement is deep with soul and groove tones that have us swaying from side to side as this gritty monster just grabs us and takes hold as the boys give us what we came for tonight, soul, emotion, funk and bags of energy that is giving the fine folk of Glasgow a real treat tonight, we stride into –

“Stronger” The tempo comes down a notch or two as this funky beast gives us sweet clean guitar licks that settle the boys in we are just excited about this incredible outfit and we just don’t want this killer gig to end. The rhythm section is commanding the room from the back of the hall as this slick funky arrangement just builds and builds as the boys give us melodic grooves that are wrapped in epic vocals that just soothe the soul let me tell you. I am just smiling from ear to ear as I am just surprised at this find tonight in the heart of our city, we are being treated to a fabulous night of blues rock that is just music for the soul let me tell you, next up is –

“Mid-Life Crisis” It feels like you have walked into the Double Deuce in Roadhouse as this gritty rocking monster rears its head and just erupts with rasping guitar licks that really set this track free. The rhythm section is handing us snare drum punches that are followed by killer cymbal crashes that let this epic track run free, the vocals are just incredible as they saunter through this foot-stomping arrangement as the boys are giving us what we came for tonight as the crowd are whooping and hollering with joy as this fantastic outfit know what they are doing let me tell you. The lyrics are fantastic as they grab us and just shake us with all they have as a sweet gritty guitar solo pours from the stage and really makes us feel the groove, up next –

“Dear Greens & Blues” – This is gonna be an epic piece I can tell you as the sultry melodic vocals shatter the night as we feel the depth hit us from all sides. The rhythm section is bringing us deep bass kicks as the boys bring us killer keys that just soothe us with their depth and energy. The bassline is dropping epic funk tones that let this killer arrangement take us somewhere new as we just sink into the sweet melodies that are wrapping themselves around us tonight, we are just feeling every note that is reaching out to grab us tonight for sure, we roll into –

“Doghouse” We return to a funky fist-pumping groove that brings in a punchy rhythm section that really pushes this track onwards, the colossal keys are littered throughout this foot-stomping gritty beast as the whole place is rocking with a real powering energy that is just letting this place feel the groove. The vocals are a real soulful gravelly tone that brings this killer track together just as John cuts loose and hits us with a sweet moving solo that really takes this track to another level let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to see these boys please do so as I will tell you that you will not be disappointed, up next –

“Trade” The tempo is slowed right down as the snare drum taps letting this incredible track tell its own story as the sultry bluesy vocals reach out and touch us with all its soulful energy that is just incredible. The sweet clean guitar licks are easing their way through this fantastic track as we feel ourselves being drawn into this cool number as the boys take us with them on this journey as they deliver my track of the evening for sure, the boys are certainly hitting the mark with this ballad that is just perfect for tonight’s entertainment as the crowd are fixed on the stage as the boys walk us through this incredible track that showcases Paul’s soulful vocals that are wrapped around this guitar-laden piece as John comes in and delivers slick, clean picks that just soothe the soul as sweet keys deliver the perfect accompaniment to this fantastic slow dance spectacle, we roll into –

“Fistfights” We return to business with this classy guitar-driven track that drops cool basslines that deliver cool grooves that let this foot-tapping beast unfold. The punchy rhythm section gives us solid snare drum beats that bring cymbal snaps that control the beat as this killer track gives us sweet tones that let these awesome vocals tell their own story. The cool keys are dropping melodic notes all through the arrangement as this bluesy rocker comes at us in waves as the boys are really cooking with this soulful tune that is like sitting in the Titty Twister bar and waiting for the night to erupt with groovy tunes and killer vocals, we are hurtling towards the business end of the night as the boys thank us for coming out to support live music as we slide into –

“Better” A gritty groove flows with real energy as this bass-driven number opens with a cool funk-laden groove that just erupts with killer keys that just set the tone as we feel the punchy tones come at us. Vocals are a real gravelly mix that runs perfectly in this guitar-driven piece that is coming thick and fast as the boys really give us that funky groove feel as we are stamping our feet to this infectious groove-laden beast as the classy guitar licks hit us and we roll with the punches as the boys just tell it like it is, you can see the faces all around the venue beaming as the boys just bring it and we can feel the funk element swirling all around us for sure, we are applauding loudly and cheering these boys as they have entertained us with swirling riffs and a funk groove that is second to none, we slide into –

“You Got Too Close” Crisp funky guitar licks hitting us from the off as this groove-laden number unfolds and just grabs us as we tap our feet to this fabulous number. The killer vocals are working well as the track brings in the cool keys that are wrapping themselves around us and it feels like a blues club that has unearthed a new outfit that is just smashing it and this is what a Bison Hip show feels like. Basslines are rich with depth, attitude and groove as they work perfectly with the awesome keys that are flowing effortlessly through this killer track, we feel the energy oozing from every musician as they play their part in this funkalicious track that just ticks all the boxes. This is a real energy laden track that is driving their Country/blues rocking juggernaut right through the heart of Glasgow tonight, we hit the awesome –

“This Old City” We slow things down a little as this blues-laden track comes at us with a real epic keys intro that is wrapped in punchy snare drum beats to really get us in the mood. The guitar licks are just incredible as they let this deep blues track tell us that Bison Hip have just crushed the Hard Rock Cafe tonight with a real mix of sultry tones that were wrapped in incredible vocals with killer keys and a driving rhythm section that really delivered. We are swaying from side to side with the soothing notes that are filling the room tonight as the boys take us homeward bound with a mesmerising mix of blues/country and rock notes that have just grabbed us with all their might and taken us to school with slick, awesome tones that will be with us for a long time to come. The keys are telling their own story as they drop haunting tones that just let us drift off to another place and let us feel the sultry tones flowing through us tonight, we come to the final track of the evening to round off an incredible night of music from a real find in Glasgow tonight, the awesome –

“This Time” We end on a high with this foot-tapping groove-laden track that is hitting us with sultry basslines that are coming thick and fast as the cool vocals give this track something special. The rhythm section is coming through with cool snare drum beats that come armed with cymbal snaps that really give this track depth and direction, we are getting smooth slick guitar riffs that are delivering sweet clean lines that wrap themselves around this groove-laden number that have us all clapping along and really feeling the love coming from this killer 5 piece outfit from right here in Glasgow and I will say that this is one of my top 10 small venue shows from an original band that you will come across in the Glasgow. We were entertained with sultry blues tones, epic vocals and slick clean guitar licks that were driven by cool keys and thundering drum kicks that were something special.

Bison Hip  –

                  Paul Sloway  –  Vocals

                  John Gilmour Smith  –  Guitars

                  Graeme Carswell  –  Bass

                  Steven Radziwonik  –  Keys

                  Malcolm Button  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Nothing More

            See You In The Next Life

            The One That Got Away


            New Town

            O Lord


            Mid Life Crisis

            Dear Greens & Blues





            You Got Too Close

            This Old City

            This Time

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