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Hertfordshire based hard rockers, ELECTRIC BLACK, today announce the release of their new single, ‘TAKE TO THE GRAVE’ on Fri 10 November across all streaming platforms. It is the third single from their eagerly anticipated second studio album, ‘LATE NIGHT LIGHTNING’, set for release on 19 January 2024 via TMR Rock Records. A lyric visualiser can be viewed on YouTube and was created by Drew Hamley of Unit 15 Productions. LATE NIGHT LIGHTNING sees the band build upon the raw potential of their 2019 debut, The Calm Before, with the band diversifying and maturing into their song writing and delivery. The album is available to pre-order now and is available in a variety of formats: Vinyl – Yellow Splatter / Vinyl – Red Splatter / CD – Yellow cover / CD – Red alternate cover / Cassette / Download

The album features 12 brand new songs and was recorded at Gospel Oak Studios in Warwickshire with Grammy winning, Mike Exeter on production duties, assisted by Jayden Brealey


Side A

1.     Put It Down On Me (03:48)

2.     World Ain’t So Heavy (04:42)

3.     Take The Roof Off (03:38)

4.     Come On Over (02:46)

5.     Making Of Me (02:55)

6.     Master Or Disaster (03:53)

Side B

1.     Take To The Grave (03:38)

2.     Late Night Lightning (03:48)

3.     Act On This Attraction (04:19)

4.     Sick Of Myself (03:14)

5.     Pain Never Leaves Me (03:50)

6.     Hellfire Revival (02:49)

Frontman, Ali Shiach, said of the new single, “Take to the Grave was born lyrically out of lockdown after I watched a documentary on the crew and pilots of Enola Gay, the plane that famously dropped the first Nuclear bomb ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima. The programme brought to light the underlying guilt and grief carried by the pilots, so much so, they wished no attendance at their funerals and no headstones at their graves, quite simply wanting history to forget them and their legacy; so the track’s title was born.

“Verse one line one sets the scene ‘A hellfire will breakout, black skies will rain down’. The verse continues ‘Four tonnes of death with love from the west sent skybound’. This line sounds somewhat lighthearted, which is purposeful, to reflect the unwitting jovial nature amongst the crew ahead of their mission – unaware of the devastation they were about to unleash. The pre-chorus runs with this further ‘Little boy was Enola’s favourite, Uncle Sam had a problem child’ – there’s something uneasy about humanising such terrifying objects, a key theme in the track. Some standout and shocking imagery translates from the documentary into the 2nd verse lyric ‘A man lost his shadow, his wide made a widow’ referring to the vapourised outline of a Hiroshima resident, ‘A fatherless son cannot be undone, hell has no heroes’.

“Musically, the track’s main riff is jarring and menacing in nature, building from the off. The verse guitar parts continue these themes with their syncopation and offbeat stabs, only finding relief in the expansive chorus where the lyrics really take the wheel with a no-holds-barred message;

‘The man who wishes no record of his death, Has lived a life plagued by his regret, History cannot be erased, Some things we take to the grave.’

“You’ll hear my vocal outro as it hangs a huge held note on the word ‘Grave’ – you can be audibly be heard “rattling” out the note in the vocal booth, as I ran short of breath. This had an unintentional effect of injecting pain into that moment, and so it remained as the final take. The last notes that can be heard on the track ring out from a heavily affected eerie broken guitar chord – a sonic metaphor perhaps for the new political and physical landscapes that followed the events at Hiroshima.”

Electric Black are a high-voltage, riff driven hard rock band from Hitchin, England.

The 4-piece are a blazing force in the world of British rock music. This electrifying band effortlessly fuses elements of classic rock, hard rock and indie rock, creating a sound that is uniquely their own. With a passion for delivering high-octane performances, Electric Black are fast becoming known for their raw energy and captivating stage presence.

Fronted by the charismatic lead vocalist and songwriter, Ali Shiach, mesmerizes audiences with his powerhouse vocals and soulful delivery. Ali’s dynamic range and emotional depth add a captivating layer to the band’s anthemic sound.

Fuelling Electric Black’s sonic fire is the scintillating guitar work of Jonny Bryant. Jonny’s blazing guitar riffs and soaring solos intertwine with Ali’s melodic hooks and atmospheric textures, creating an irresistible sonic tapestry that captures listeners from the first note.

Anchoring the band’s rhythm section, Ryan Trotman brings thunderous bass lines that cut through the mix, adding depth and groove to Electric Black’s sound. And behind the drum kit, Matt Butler’s powerful beats and dynamic fills drive the band’s relentless energy, ensuring each song hits with maximum impact.

Drawing inspiration from iconic rock acts such as Rival Sons, Bad Co, & Black Stone Cherry, Electric Black deliver a fresh and modern take on the genre with their own unique flavour. Their songs explore a variety of themes, ranging from introspection to social commentary, to living life on the edge, all wrapped in catchy melodies and infectious hooks.

With a growing fanbase and a reputation for delivering unforgettable live experiences, Electric Black are making waves in the UK music scene. Their infectious energy and undeniable talent continue to win over new audiences with every performance. Whether you catch them on stage or listen to their studio recordings, Electric Black are sure to leave you craving more of their exhilarating sound.

Get ready to turn up the volume and join the ride with Electric Black.

The 4-piece have toured the UK and Spain and recently played in front of 10,000 at StoneX Stadium, home of Saracens Rugby Club.

Having worked with Grammy winning producer Mike Exeter, their new album is scheduled for release in Jan 2024.

FFO: Bad Co / Jet / Rival Sons / Black Stone Cherry

Electric Black are:

Ali Shiach (Vocals + Guitar) Jonny Bryant (Lead Guitar + Vocals) Ryan Trotman (Bass + Vocals) Matt Butler (Drums + Percussion)

Location: Hitchin, England

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