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Review By Darren McIntyre

Hippy is a now-established collaboration between singer/songwriter Paul ‘Hippy’ Hipson & guitarist Hugh Frizell both based in Glasgow. The boys met by chance in Glasgow back in September 2019 and hit it off both personally & musically, the boys decided to enter the studio and cut a track called Aries Girl in November 2019 which was met with critical acclaim. The boys followed that with storming tracks Feelgood, Junkyard Babies & Volunteer which received genuine positivity from critics and fans alike. The boys decided to release a 12-strong album – Behind Every Song Is A Story in October 2020, hot on it’s heels came their second offering Falling In Love With Being Alive in August 2021, the boys have been working on a follow-up single and today they present to us Justice & The Thief which I will be reviewing for you today.

Justice & The Thief – From the off, we get a slick funky foot-tapping groove that is soaked in keys that let this killer track come to life. The gravelly rasping vocals really deliver a full-on funk to this snare-driven beast as we feel the energy pouring from this killer track, we have a deep bassline that is just hitting us with smooth delicious tones that are working well with the crisp guitar licks that are oozing from this punchy foot stomping rock n roll track that has depth, direction and bags of sass. The whole arrangement is a gritty rock composition that is just kicking in the doors and letting us know that Hippy are back with a real doozie of a track that just keeps building and building as it hits us with a heavy rhythm section that just commands the track with its solid snare drum beats and cymbal crashes that let the soulful deep vocals really do their thing and deliver a meaty rock track that has us reaching for the repeat button.

Hippy  –

           Paul ‘Hippy’ Hipson  –  Vocals

           Hugh Frizell  –  Guitar

           Johnny D  –  Bass

           G-Man Mcphie  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                       Justice & The Thief

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