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Review By Darren McIntyre

Night Thieves is a heavy rock quartet hailing from London, England that originally started life as a trio, the band dropped their immensely hooky new single Collide upon Us.

This new track comes from their soon-to-be-released EP Polarity due for release on the 19th of January 2024. The band decided to beef up their rhythm section and brought in Ryan to add power to their explosive sound and captivating vocal lines, please sit back as I take us through this colossal new release.

Collide – The track comes at us with a pounding bass kick as the snare drum beats let the track burst into life as the groove settles quickly and brings the heat. The mesmerising vocals flow effortlessly through the track as the shredding guitar licks get this rocking beast off the ground, we get a full-on bassline that is hitting us with sweet grooves that just wrap themselves around this killer piece. The sampler tones are echoing all around us as the rhythm section drives this juggernaut onwards the sizzling guitar licks are coming at us with real depth and energy as the sweet melodic vocals tower above us and really give this foot-stomping beast the room it deserves to really flourish. We are punching the air with sheer joy as this anthemic number just builds and builds.

Night Thieves  –

                        Jess Moyle  –  Vocals

                        Paul Andrews  –  Guitar

                        Rick Hunter – Burns  –  Bass

                        Ryan Delglyn  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       Collide

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